Monday, March 22, 2010

Blueberry Muffins with Brother

Fast forward: I was reading the "Friend" with Brother today and asked him to help me read while I was holding Baby. He proceeded to tell me, "I have Fragile X Syndrome." Like this was an excuse as to why he wouldn't read to me. I said, "So, what's your point?"

"I don't know, " he said with a HUGE smile and a small shrug, and then started to giggle.

"Do you know what Fragile X Syndrome means?" I ask.

"No," while he is still laughing and giggling.

I look him in the eye (or at the side of his head, really) and say, "It means you can do anything you set your mind to, and reading is one of them."

Now rewind to the reason I started this post:

My son made blueberry muffins from scratch by himself. I took pictures because I was so proud of him. Half way through making the muffins he walked over to the cook book, flipped to a picture, pointed to it and said, "I want to make this." It was cornbread.

The blueberry muffins are for Daddy and the cornbread is for Jessie and Joel. He told me.

Here is my little cook hard at work.

This is what started it all.
(stop looking at my stomach to try to figure out if it is the apron that makes my tummy look like that. I have checked it thoroughly, so to save you the trouble it is my stomach, not the apron. OK, lets move on girls...)

He loves asparagus fried in butter with rosemary and salt, so he wanted to help make it. This orange apron is what got him so excited about cooking. My sister said she gets them for her kids all the time at the dollar store so I thought I would give it a try. Who would have known it would turn Brother into a cook!

Now, he made these muffins all by himself. I only got out the ingredients for him--no muffin mix here--all from scratch out of the Homes and Gardens cook book. He measured, stirred, added the fresh blueberry, everything. There is even spilt milk on the floor to prove to you that I let him do this all by himself with only supervision. I seriously and so proud I could pop!

Oh, and this is him on the phone. He stopped in the middle to answer the phone. He was intently listening and then said, "No thank you. We won't be interested." And then I asked for the phone wondering who it was. It was a sales call. Good job Brother!

And here is the finished product. They were delicious! He is so proud of them and was so excited for all of us to eat them!
Doesn't the plaque behind him on the wall just sum it all up?

Ah! I love my life!

So he has Fragile X Syndrome...

2 remarks:

The Chizel Family said...

looks like we have a chef on our hands! What a cutie, I am so proud of him! Those muffins look great too!

Joel and Jessie said...

I loved that post! I loved the pictures of you guys cooking together! I am glad the apron worked out so well...who knew!