Monday, July 13, 2015

Wiggly Tooth and Darts

Sister is so fun to listen to all day.

Well, let me rephrase that... Sister is so fun to listen to when she is in a good mood.

She makes us laugh with just her little conversations and observations.

She's very observant and has grown quite a large vocabulary so it's just funny to hear things on our drives like, "What license plate is that? Oh! Washington! I knew it! I just knew that was Washington! Mom, did you see that? Is that Washington D.C. or Washington State? I've never been to Washington. Can we go to Washington? Are there tornadoes in Washington? I've been to Texas when we went to Florida. Remember, mom? Whoa! Did you just see that car? That was a Mustang, I think!"

And it goes on and on.

She really made me laugh today when I was telling Brother that I want him to come with me to see "Little Mermaid Jr." at the Hale Theater and Sister squeals, "I don't like that girl... with the shells... ick! I don't like princesses! Blah blah! Dumb princesses," then hearing Marc start to giggle she feeds into it even more just to hear her daddy laugh.

Once we got to Marc's parents, Sister was still in a talkative mood. I don't remember all she said, but I do remember her talking about her loose tooth she had discovered the morning.

Poor girl.

All those sensory issues she has... I just can't imagine how much a loose tooth can bother her. She just can't stop wiggling it, talking about it, or thinking about it. I hope, for all our sakes, that tooth falls out soon.

She did start getting slightly distracted after we were halfway through our second round of Darts. She was very intrigued by this game of throwing sharp things at a circle. 

Lynne and Gary got a dart board.

I didn't want to play at first, but then I got hooked. I really wish we would have played a 3rd round. I started getting competitive when Marc won the first round so I tried harder the second round and won. I guess the guys were jealous of my win because that's when we had to stop. (wink)

This was Marc's winning throw. All he needed was a 2 and he got it!

My biggest UP today was actually when Brother came to play with us. I love when he wants to participate in social things. I was also very proud of him because even though he missed the board more than hit it, he was giving up and continued to try, with a lot of encouragement, but he continued to try instead of melting to the floor.

I love seeing my kids do small, simple and great things!

Day 193 of 365 Days of Up

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