Friday, July 10, 2015

All the Fun in One

I love watching the adventures and challenges of Our Life unfold.

Mostly because I choose to savor and enjoy them.

Pictures are a great way to help me remember those moments when I am playing catch-up still on the blog.

So this is a mixed up recap of the past 5 days but it's all the fun in one post!

I laugh at this little set-up that has a permanent home on our display shelf at the top of the stairs... but I am getting a little tired of it and sometimes I worry that other people think I have bad taste in decorating... ha! So I decided that I would take it all and put in Baby's room where it belongs in the places/boxes they go...

Baby walked by a while later and I could see she was upset that her "display" had been moved. I was prepared for a little fit and just figured it would blow by.

She did throw a fit.

She taught me a lesson though.

Autistic characteristics don't take a rest.

She went and found every item (and these are very small items) and put them ALL back in EXACTLY the same positions!

I know now that those are permanently placed until she decides otherwise. I mean she even remembered that silly little pink doll dress... what?

Anyway, I'll have to tell you some time about all the different piles in her room that we have learned must not be moved or changed either... ho hum.

I wasn't able to take my cell phone to girls camp because they don't allow electronics and I thought I should leave it behind so that Marc could get all my notifications about the kids.

1) I've learned my lesson and that will never happen again. They will just have to make an acceptation for my case because there were many things that had to be worked out after I got home that I could have easily dealt with over a phone call.

2) I'll always find a random picture on my phone if I am not keeping my phone with me at all times:

These have been Sister's piles lately. Coloring books. Not to color in, but to cut out pictures, stack them up and keep them for "fun" or give them to people as gifts... cute, yet, a little aggravating...

There's just something about sitting on our back porch swing and seeing our view at breakfast time.

On Tuesday night I got to attend a baby shower for my cousin. It was so fun to laugh and enjoy time with my family. I had a good time making them take a picture with me! Obviously, my smile is about to burst off the page! Whew! I am happy, happy, happy!

Wednesday morning Brother and Marc left with the Scouts to go on a camping trip. I heard from Marc when they first arrived but hadn't heard from him again until yesterday when he had some reception and let me know that there was rain and thunder. Then he sent me these pictures.

As sad as I was to know his stay in the tent might be a little miserable, the beauty of these photos he captured on his phone are amazing! Absolutely beautiful. I can't even imagine the things we would be able to have seen if our ancestors had cameras with them everywhere they went. We are so blessed to be able to document the visual beauty of life anywhere and anytime.

The day Marc left with Brother I decided since the girls were at summer camp and the boys were gone that I would go on a long bike ride.

So I did.

I even took Marc's bike. I felt so rebellious! The chain on my bike is loose so I figured he wouldn't mind.

There were storm clouds when I started but it seemed that the storm might not come for a bit.

After about 4 miles it started to sprinkle. It was really fun riding in the warm drizzle of rain so I kept riding.

I decided after a bit to turn around just in case there was a torrential downpour mixed with lightening. I was wet, really wet but still enjoying my ride. If I had been walking in it that would have been another story, but moving through it quickly on bike was kind of exhilarating.

I ended up totalling about a 9 mile bike ride that I think felt like a great adventure. I had to take a picture of me when I got home because I thought I was cool to have ridden in the rain.

I also love that I look like a mushroom head... tee hee!

I had the opportunity to talk to our friend, Thomas and he sent me these before and after shots of the storm up where he went biking.

during the storm
I didn't have anything really cool to show him so I thought I would spin myself around on my office chair and take a selfie.

Totally comparable...

Our girls play hard at summer camp.

They also love their dog.

Sometimes these two things are a great combination:

Thursday I went on another bike ride, but this time I wasn't alone and had the company of my friend, Tanya. I actually don't know how far we rode, but it was a lot longer than my Wednesday ride, and a lot drier. I saw some great views but only took the time to take this one.

Jeremy, one of the girls caregivers from summer camp is always so good to send me pictures of Baby and Sister so I can see the cute/fun things they do there. He sent me the ones too from the week I was gone. I picked out my favorites to show you.

Baby was playing peek-a-boo in the curtains during indoor recess.

Sister having fun with her soccer ball skills.

On Monday they went to the city library:

I think Jeremy and the other caregivers at summer camp have some kind of trick at keeping our girls in their seats for the movies.

I was impressed to see what Baby was able to do on the playground!

Sister's swim goggles are always a hoot!

I am so thankful for people in this world who have the talent and patience to work with children with special needs. It has made a world of difference in my life and the lives of our children.

In fact,  I am really excited because I have worked it out for Brother to be able to attend summer camp twice a week! He is so excited. I am so excited! He'll start next week. There are only 3 weeks left, but I think he'll make the best of every moment.

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