Sunday, July 19, 2015

Just Another Friday

I volunteered for the half the day on Friday at Summer Camp again because Brother really wanted to go up to the mountains with the group. So I dropped off the girls at 9:00am and then I was back to volunteer and bring Brother at 11:30.

As tough as it was when I was there on my first day three days previous, I was actually happy to be back. I felt special that some of the staff remembered me and some of the students seemed to recognize me, but there was one particular student that really surprised me. Two of the boys have Fragile X Syndrome and I was helping with them on my first volunteer day. One of them is almost non-verbal—I've heard him say his brother's name and yes or no, but that's it.

When I arrived everyone was outside in the park for snacks and playing. I was standing next to this young boy with Fragile X that I had just worked with previously. He recognized me and smiled and I was trying to keep him entertained while talking to the staff about something else.

I guess I was not giving him the attention he wanted so he called out my name!

To get my attention, he called... out... my... name.... !!!

This young man who is nearly non-verbal not only remembered who I was but remembered my name!

He wanted me to go see his brother who was seeking refuge from all the stimuli. When me and this young boy looked around a corner down the hall to check on his brother he looked up and stopped his rocking, humming and flopping on the floor to walk up to me and almost look me in the eyes.

They were both happy to see me!

I felt special. Like I had made a little difference or impression in their hearts.

While outside I took a shot of Baby coloring the pony I drew for her.

Jeremy sent me these two awesome shots of Sister shooting some hoops... she's so fun to watch!

He also sent a picture he snuck of me volunteering before we all headed up the canyon.

I was helping her decide on what kind of glitz and beads she was going to glue on her project. She was so sweet.

Part of how I volunteer is my photography for Brother to attend summer camp. I take pictures of the goings ons and sweet angel faces that attend. I wish I could share the ones of the other campers, but you just get mine right now.

I just had to show you a couple of my faves of my kids:

Baby loves to push Jeremy around... not really... well, kind of really. She just loves rough housing for sensory input! He's good enough to play along. But I told her after pushing him so much that she needed to give him hug...

Baby was having so much fun "going on a bear hunt"

This picture is one of my favorites from the "going on a bear hunt" activity.
Sister was really getting into the whole "run away from the bear!" part...
I love photography, but there is just something about taking all these special kids' photos that has brought so much joy to my heart.

Baby's backpack is as big as she is...

That night we spent some great time with our friends, Doctors H. They are both doctors so we just keep it simple... he he he!

It was a great night with them; playing games, eating hamburgers, talking, laughing, learning from each other.

One of the many conversations that still sticks with me was when Ryan (Mr. Doctor H) was talking about his twin brother who had autism who had passed away. I can't even explain to you how endearing and how reverencing it was to hear him talk about the special relationship he had with his brother. I hope that every person with special needs has the opportunity to have a brother like Ryan. It is truly inspiring. You can read more about it on his blog HERE.

I started late, and I have so much to tell you about today so I'll give you some hints to keep your interest for tomorrow's post. Saturday included a tooth, a Highway Patrolwoman and 12 Fingers.


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