Thursday, July 23, 2015

Awareness... in more ways than one

Today was National Fragile X Awareness Day.

Green is the color they have decided represents Fragile X.

So I wore green.

I wanted to show my FXS support and get a picture of me in my green bright and early this morning.

It was bright.

And early.

That's why my eyes are squinty.

I tried to get another one later in the day so that you could see just how much support I was showing...
I know. You don't have to tell me. My shorts are cool. (wink)

I try really hard to bring awareness to Fragile X Syndrome because it affects every facet of my life.

Every facet.


And cranny.

I volunteered at summer camp again today so that Brother could go again.

I love being a photographer and I love being able to have the chance to help other families document their children's lives by capturing them in photos. It's also a nice side perk to get pictures of my kids at the same time.

I am starting to realize that this is her "picture smile." Scrunch face... too cute.

Brother wanted to make sure I got a picture that showed his feet.
I think he was quite proud to be playing with his shoes off.

Sister had an eventful day today playing basketball with her friends. I even witnessed her make a shot without help. It was so awesome and she knew it!

Swinging at the park.
Later on after Marc got home from work we all headed down to my mom's house for dinner and a movie.

My mom made homemade pizza and we all stuffed ourselves silly! It was so yummy

Then we watched "Teen Beach Movie 2." I know, I just love cheesy stuff! I can't help it.

While watching the movie I was reminded of how much I love musical theater and how I just can't wait until it is time for me to have a chance to be in another play. I haven't been able to audition because of things going on around and during different plays.

I'm truly aware of my love for theater after today.

That's my UP, awareness

Day 202 of 365 Days of Up

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