Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Today was a great day to be reunited with some special people in my life.

It was not all of them at once.

It was separately.

First, I got to get together with my sister-in-law and her kids who are out here from Illinois. It was so fun to laugh and joke with her and my mom and sister. It was great to see her kids and how they've grown so much already and their personalities changing and maturing.

I love laughing with my family.

They do what all families should do and they laugh at all my jokes. It makes me feel good to know that, at least to some audiences, I am funny. (smile)

After picking up the girls from summer school and settling in to do some work there was a knock at the door.

I think I had to take a double take when I realized who was at the door. It was my niece, Kelsey, and my father-in-law.

OK, so it wasn't really shocking or surprising to see Gary, although it was an unexpected visit, but to see Kelsey was the "whoa" moment.

I don't see her very often and it seems like such a privilege when I do see her, but to have her show up at my house... whoa!

I told her we had to take a selfie so I had proof that she was here. Maybe I should have given her a marker to write, "Kelsey was here!" on my wall just to commemorate the occasion. Ha!

I can't believe she is 23! Where has the time gone?!

The last reunion was with my dear friend, Hayden, and his girlfriend Sarah.

I had a photoshoot scheduled for tonight and just figured that's all I'd do tonight, but then I saw Hayden post on our Mary Poppins cast Facebook page that he and Sarah were going to see "Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat" at the Scera Shell. So I made some quick arrangements and had Marc come be my helper on the photoshoot and then we ran to see the play... well, we didn't actually run... we drove... Anyway, they had saved seats for us, and thank goodness, that place was packed to the gills with people!

It was so good to laugh with them and get to know them better. We just couldn't let the night end, so we went to get a shake at the In-n-Out. It was so much fun!

Again, I had to take a selfie so I had proof that we went on a double date with Hayden and Sarah:

I love being reunited with wonderful people that have come in and out of my life at one time or another. It was all a great impromptu date night that ended up being the cherry on top of the whip cream on top the the fantastic dessert that was my my day of reunions.

Day 194 of 365 Days of Up

2 remarks:

Heather Hunt said...

Oh my gosh!! I remember Kelsie and Junior!! I loved having them in my classes! How is she?!

Marc and Rachael said...

She is well Heather. We miss seeing her. She's very busy ;)