Sunday, July 12, 2015

Clouds and Rainbows

I am so proud of myself today because I actually got some of the piles of unorganized chaos filed and straightened and back in order.

It felt good.

I've kind of let my life get a little out of control lately. I mean, in a way that seems to just be kind of leaving a little bit of a cloud hovering. The cloud that kind of hangs around and doesn't let the light shine all the way through, but there is just enough of a glow to see what's in front of you.

I get so overwhelmed with all the paperwork, forms, schedules, bills, work and records that are included with parenting special needs children, being married and having a home, and living that once in a while I get to a point where I just give up on it and it starts to earn it's own zip code...

Then I just start avoiding all the piles by piling more on top of the existing piles and then having to create new piles all while adding to the overwhelming task of trying to get it all taken care of.

Yesterday I got the stuff in the kitchen organized.

Today was my office space.

The office space was the worst.



I'm surprised I was able to work at that desk without losing myself.

When I was pretty close to the bottom of the pile I was filing Sister's, Baby's and Brother's artwork, schoolwork, certificates, IEP's all that yada yada and I started thinking, "Why do I even keep all this stuff? I don't even know if they care that I have these drawings or these certificates. It's not like their kids are going to want to see what they did when they were little."


I think the cloud was getting heavier before it lifted from my countenance.

Then came the light in the form of Sister's exclamation, "Mommy! Is that mine? Ya! It is! I drew that. Oh, mommy, why do you have these? Do like my things? Oh look what I did."

There was the rainbow. 

It wasn't long before Brother was close by wanting to ruffle through his pictures too. It was a great jaunt down memory lane and a stark reminder of how far our children have come.

Marc and Brighton got home earlier than planned today from their campout.

I was so excited to see them.

They were excited to see us too. Brother was the most excited to be reunited with Ranger... hee hee! I love that dog!

Marc took such beautiful pictures that they inspired my post today.

Enjoying the waterfall, of course.

Marc found this fossil on one of their adventures... it looks amazing!

This was the rainbow after the storm before they left this morning.
The storm was the reason behind why they came home earlier than planned.

I had a great time looking through the pictures and the many videos Marc captured. I especially loved hearing the conversations on the video and hearing how often Marc would say, "Your mom is going to be so proud when she sees what you've done!"

I know, from seeing the videos, that there were clouds physically and figuratively hanging over Marc while spending this time with Brother because of all the care that had to be given and the worry that was there during each risky step.

Seeing Marc's eyes light up and seeing the smiles on his face as we watched back the things they had done together confirmed to me that he had also seen his own rainbows today.

Day192 of 365 Days of Up

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