Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sensitive Fireworks

I was so excited to see my family when I got home and done cleaning up from camp!

I had to laugh at myself when, for the first time in 5 days, I was able to give Sister and Baby a big hug, but, knowing their Fragile X induced hyper-sensitivity, I knew I should warn them that I was very stinky after not showering all week. They smiled at me, gave me a brief hug with heads turned and waited patiently after I was done with my shower to get their big bear cuddle hugs!

Oh the things I have to keep in mind with our special kids...

I was so excited to talk with the kids and Marc and spend time with them, but my body had other plans. I fell asleep for 6 hours...

6 hours!

I'm lucky to get that in a night!

I guess we were just that busy and active at camp that I needed the rest.

I know I was really tired because, although, I was out cold, I still remember the kids climbing on and off of me along with the dog and pokes to my shoulders to get me to move and pay attention to them. That's how I know I was just THAT tired because it didn't phase me enough to actually wake me.

Thank goodness I had Saturday to try to make up for my sleeping beauty Friday.

I was still very tired but after a good amount of sleeping in and acting lazy I was able to make up for it by having a great gathering for the 4th of July.

What was going to be a lazy hotdog BBQ with the neighbors ended up being a family and neighborhood gathering we lovingly called the Neighborhood Street of Fire. We were a bit jealous of all those who had had the chance to see Journey live at Provo's Stadium of Fire 4th of July Celebration so we made sure to crank up our Journey and 80's music while my brother, Aaron, lit up fireworks on top of the ladder.

This is me bringing out the stuff to start our BBQ and Marc thought it was funny so he had to take a picture before he offered to help...

I love taking pictures during our fireworks shows. It always makes me smile to look back on our fun.

Those lady bug fireworks were CRAZY! Whew!

Chelsea and Yaya had the blankets to themselves

It was an interesting 4th of July this year. I don't know if you remember from my posts before, but Baby and Sister do NOT like fireworks! The sound mixed with the flashing lights is murder on their hyper-sensitivity to sight and sound. That's one of the reasons I like having fireworks shows at me house because the girls have the option of watching the fireworks from the safety of our home from the large picture window in our front room.

Sister, though, is in this phase of being bound and determined to be like everybody else and if every body else was outside watching the fireworks she was going to also. Even if it meant hesitantly coming in and out of the open front door so that she could try to step out when she felt safe.

Then I remembered the glow sticks I had bought. It became a tradition when we moved to Orem to have glow sticks for the kids to have fun with during the fireworks. I hadn't realized just exactly what a lifeline these had become for Sister because when I brought them out she was immediately fixated on them and was able to handle being outside with the rest of us for the show. It was quite and amazing show too with our neighbors joining in their fireworks with us and the rest of Orem shooting aerials in the air in high and blustering quantities.

I was happy to capture a moment with my dad and Sister as he was trying to keep her mind off the enormity of the fireworks show going on around her.

Yaya liked the glowsticks and loved waving them and dancing around:

Brother was just happy to have his handful of glow sticks and a bowl full of grandma's homemade popcorn

If you look closely you can see Baby in the front room window... that's how she participated with us in the fireworks show.

It was a happy 4th and an action and music packed fireworks show!

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