Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Clay and Kickball

When I was little, I remember the playground ball that we would play kickball with was as high as my knees. It took some effort to move the ball forward into the air. I would put my head down as I ran so if someone was going to the throw the ball at me while I was running to the base I would, at least, not get hit in the face.

When I got older I remember playing kickball at family reunions with 15 or so on each team and it seemed almost impossible to kick a home run! We played hard and we ran hard.

Kickball was always good at family reunions because everyone could play it. It didn't matter if the ball was half your size or half your shoe size, kickball was fun for all ages.

Me, Jessie and her kids, Daniel and his kids and my mom and dad relived memories of those fun times today as we ran bases at the old Benjamin park. We were teaching a new generation the fun of this particular sport with family.

We laughed, we screamed, we squealed and we hollered... OK, really, that was just me mostly, but others joined in sometimes. Hee hee!

This was my UP of the day.

That's my dad kicking the ball! It took a little coercing, be he ended up being one of the MVP's...

Berry took all the pictures for me so that I could play. She did a great job!

Jessie rounding onto 3rd!

It was a beautiful day to play outside.

MrT going in for the kick

This is how it goes when you have little ones and you are trying to play with the big kids...
you just take them with you around the bases!

That's my dad in red running into home. That's Daniel in the yellow hollering to MrT to throw the ball so he can tag grandpa out. This was all before there was a slow motion roll into home base that involved both the red and the yellow. My dad said you could tell it wasn't a fall because his hat stayed on... tee hee!

Before kickball, though, we played with clay.

I guess today was full of nostalgia at my parents today. My mom made homemade clay and I asked Daniel if he wanted to make clay pictures with me like we did when we were little.

I recreated this clay-drawing of my dad. There's a picture somewhere of one I made of him when I was young.

Popo and LittleMr joined in on the fun

Daniels clay-drawing

Daniel with his clay drawing

Me and Popo both did our own versions of Grandpa James

Then Daniel had to go and be all cool and make an alligator... so cool! He won our unofficial contest.

Day 201 of 365 Days of Up

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