Friday, March 18, 2011

From Blue to a Hundred

I love to read the NieNie Dialogues (who doesn't really).

She posted a video by Mindy Gledhill—her newest song.

After yesterday this song really hit me.

I felt that it explains my journey.

I think many of you will also relate.

I love music.

Music is pretty much my whole life.

That, and art.

So why wouldn't I love a cool song with a crazy video to go along with it.

We all have a journey. (Watch this video to understand where I am coming from when I say "journey.")

It is up to us to take on the journey with gusto.


I will make my journey one day at a time.

One social story at a time.

One IEP meeting at a time.

One OT appointment at a time.

And in between...
I will eat lemon bars.


3 remarks:

Julie said...

What a cool song! All journeys are taken one step at a time! Thanks for sharing!

Karen Mortensen said...

I love this song. So powerful. Hang in there my sweet friend. I admire you so much for what you are doing. I chickened out and put my son in a home.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this song!