Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two Too Big

I just have to post these two pictures that my mom has sent me over that last few days...
(The pictures aren't the best because they came from my mom's phone, but, this is a real life blog so you get it as it comes... unedited and all... most of the time)

#1 Too Big
Background: My mom grew up on a large farm. The land has been cleared off because it was "sold." (I say "sold" in quotes because it really is a long story... it felt more like "stolen") She was walking around the land reminiscing and saw this...

Now you have to understand that this land was covered in junk collectibles and tires were one of the collectible items. I guess this one sat in one place a little too long and the tree got too big for the tire.

#2 Too Big
Background: My sister has been put on bed rest for preeclampsia (she's due in two weeks) so my mom has been going over the last couple days just to keep her company (I know my mom rocks!) Anyway, we always tease Kirsten because she is so little but, her comfy chair put it all in perspective...   or is the chair just too BIG?!

Who has a shirt that matches their favorite chair?

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