Monday, March 21, 2011

The Photo Booth Truth

I just love Photo Booth on my MAC.
(Things to notice as you look at the pictures: Baby's face, Brother snuggling up to Marc, Brother dancing with his megaphone in the background, and Sister's smiles)

Truth is:
It easily entertains all of us.

It was a good way to get the kids all in the same room for family home evening tonight.

Our lesson was short and sweet.

Our songs were even sweeter. Baby was really bouncing to this one. We sang it twice because it made her so happy.

I am not saying that the whole evening (the 15 minutes total that it lasted from start to finish—including the time it took to get Sister to come down twice and for Brother to sit right side up instead of upside down) was perfect.

It wasn't.

But, truthfully, chaos and all, I felt good knowing we keep trying.

And practice makes perfect...



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Anonymous said...

How good you are at having FHE! I hope I'm as good as you some day! And those pictures are awesome (mac envy).