Tuesday, March 15, 2011

my tight pink pants

went through a lot with me today

I wore them while I laid on top of Brother's legs to keep him in the seat during his two fillings at the dentist today... he was even mildly sedated... he was snoring... and then he heard the dentist come in... it was all down hill from there.

We were laughing while he was crying only because I kept telling them how funny it must look to passersby: a lady in tight pink pants laying on top of a string bean kid and still getting thrown around.
I try to keep things light if at all possible so I don't break down and cry.

Or I threw in the line, "Sometimes I wear tight [pink] stretchy pants in my room just for fun."
Click here to see where that line comes from.

We both survived.

Brother is not flattened.

I am not bruised.

A little traumatized.

We put our chickens, chicken coop and goat up for sale last night.

They sold today.

All of them.

Now we just have a horse.

I completed my tax information.
insert: sigh of relief

I made dinner.

Visited with the neighbors.

Wrestled with Sister and Baby because they absolutely LOVE it.

And I was wearing my tight pink pants all day because they were fun.

And I was too lazy to get ready after this mornings ordeal.
Read above if you have forgotten why I would be tired today.

Maybe I should call these my lucky pants.

A lot of good things happened today.

Oh, and speaking of tight pants, go here to see some other tight stretchy pants and get a good laugh.
Mom this is for you!

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Logans momma said...

I love reading your blog posts, and would like to award you with a Stylish Blogger Award! Please go to my blog to see the instructions on how to accept this award :)