Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Go Cougars! Go Jimmer!

Had so much fun going to the last home game for the Seniors at BYU and to watch them get the trophy for the Mountain West Conference.

We were given tickets and were able to go with some friends. We were on the eighth row! Hello! I could almost smell the sweat!

Jimmer rocks! Really. He is amazing to watch in action! Wew!

My favorite part, other than the game itself was watching the whole student section dance... it was sweet!

Watching the whole senior section dance at the game... just caught the tail end of it.

2 remarks:

Suzy said...

We weren't far from you. Darn! Would have loved to see you. It was a fun game!

Rochelle said...

How fun! Who gives away tickets to the last game? And how did all the students know that dance??? Too much fun!