Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mr. Advocate and Mrs. Delicate

Marc and my Dad had the awesome opportunity to go to Washington D.C. to represent Fragile X Syndrome on behalf of our state. Marc went as a father of children with FX and my Dad went as a grandfather of FX--I was excited to have my family representing that side of the FX family.

I was able to do this about 2 years ago and I loved every tiring minute of it. It was so awesome to meet other families who relate to my everyday life and to feel the inspiration and excitement of so many parents and advocates together. Not to mention I also enjoyed the sight-seeing.

This was both Marc's and my Dad's first time to D.C.

Now, as we all know, men are of few words when we try to get anything out of them about their experiences so the pictures will have to tell most of it. I will say this: he loved the experience and was glad to have been there for the cause of advocating for Fragile X Syndrome.

Here are some of my faves:

Washington Memorial behind Marc (dig the sunglasses, dude)
Read this about Abraham Lincoln's watch -- it is pretty darn cool!
They traveled on the metro most of the time and Marc thought it was cool.

I am going to piur

They went to Mt. Vernon, which was one of Marc's favorite stops.
He said you could feel a good spirit all through-out it.
he couldn't remember for sure, but, I thought it looked cool.
These next two pictures are funny to me because they were taken in the same place that I was two years ago. The first is at the Roosevelt Memorial, we thought it would be funny to stand in line with the statues so Marc copied the idea to be funny... ha ha!


And this is at the Hard Rock Cafe. They ended up sitting in the same place that we did, and Marc and I must like the end seat...


This is the booth at Ford's Theater where Lincoln was shot--he was sitting in that rocking chair.

A view of the Washington Memorial from the Lincoln Memorial

My Dad in front of the Lincoln Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Getting ready to lobby on Capitol Hill with all the other 140 FX Advocates!

And while my hubby was out sight seeing, advocating and lobbying I was at home.

It started off quite nicely. The kids weren't too hard on the first night while I was alone.

The next day, Sunday, was a different story.

We'll skip all the stuff that went on during Sacrament Meeting and skip right to the part where I gather all the kids and leave 10 minutes early because my back is starting to ache and so I want to get to my mom's  so she can help me with the kids and give me some relief.

Everyone gathered at my mom's and we were having a fun time. I was trying to, anyway. My back pain seemed to be getting worse. I am sure I was looking older by the minute as I was walking around the house hunched over like a granny.

Well, with much effort I got all the kids in bed that night and even managed through my back pain to get Brother and Sister off to school, and feed and water all the animals. Now, let me say that throwing a third bale of hay to the horse, lifting to open a 12 foot metal gate section and leaning over to gather eggs are all not easy on your back.

I called my Physical Therapist and they got me in right away.

Now, because of my back issues I knew I needed help with the kids so my mom and Jessie came over to help out with everything. Jessie took me to the Physical Therapist so I didn't have to drive and then my mom was going to come join me there later to take me home.

As he was examining me he realized that we weren't dealing with my typical Sacral Iliac Joint (SI) problem... instead he was thinking it was a bulged disk or nerve damage. Anyway, my pain was continuing to get worse even as he was working on it to give me relief.

When I went to stand up, I couldn't. The pain was excruciating and wailed out loud in pain and agony and hung onto my mom and the wall and then my PT wheeled an office chair underneath me so I could "sit" on it. I couldn't really sit, more like lean.

I started to cry. It was so painful.

My mom was there with me at this time and I could tell she was really worried. My PT shares a building with my Family Practice Doctor so my PT ran over the Dr to see if he could fit me in right away so that they could give me a shot of morphine...

PT comes back to tell me that I can get over there right now that there is time for my Dr to see me.

But, I can't walk.

"That's OK." my PT says, "I'll just push you in this chair."

The office chair with wheels...

Through me tears I start to giggle because I am sure I am a sight to behold.

As I am crying and laughing I told me mom to take a picture of me being wheeled on an office chair down the hall to the Dr so I could put it on my blog. We didn't take one, but we laughed about it. Just try to picture it. I don't even have any props to re-enact it this time...

... maybe this will have to do...
Tee hee!

Anyway, I guess I am a bit delicate at times, but I am doing much better now.

My mom slept over for 2 nights until Marc was home so that she could deal with everything while I was in my pain med induced coma/zombie stage for a while.

By the time Marc got home, he didn't know what all the fuss was about...


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Mariah said...

I like this post (all except for the pain part.) The stick figures are adorable but what I can't get out of my mind is your dad in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Is he a Free Mason?

Rochelle said...

What is up with all the pain in your back? Not that you can answer this, but do a post about it! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope your back is ok. That's awful!

Julie said...

All those pictures makes me want to take a trip to DC! What a great thing for Marc and your dad! I am so sorry about your back!