Monday, February 7, 2011

Tissue Time

Baby has had a runny nose as of late and I have been using a lot of tissue. She cringes every time I reach for the tissue box.

I guess this is her payback.

Apparently this is how she feels when I wipe her nose... which may be possible since my hand IS as big as her face.

Yesterday she decided that paying my back wasn't good enough, she had to destroy them if possible.
The "I just got caught" face
The "ha ha" face
The "oh crap, my mom is destroying my plan" blur

4 remarks:

The Chizel Family said...

tee hee...poor baby and that runny nose. Hope she gets better soon!

Kari said...

SO adorable! I just viewed her bath phone video on here. She is one happy little girl! Adorable! Can you request me on Facebook? I don't remember your last name! Mine is Kari Bock! :-)

Rochelle said...

Ha Ha! I don't know why babies love to play with tissues. And I always imagine what it would feel like to get my nose wiped like that. Not Fun!! Oh and you are looking great by the way, skinny little girl!!

Joel and Jessie said...

She looks guilty, like she really did have a plan! ha!