Saturday, February 5, 2011

Girl's night out the Mormon way

Ya, nothing like gathering with hundreds of women in a church building to eat mashed potatoes, roast beef and green beans.

Finish that and head into the chapel.

Listen the local temple President and Matron speak to all of us about the importance and miracles of the temple.



Then go home, change into my comfies and head over to a friend's house for girl talk on the floor with popcorn and cookies.

Seriously funny!!! (Is that possible?)

During our girl talk I learned about things like, women who are pregnant will always be working harder than any man around them, "Hey, do you mind? I'm makin' a kidney over here! You want this kid to have eyeballs? Then you need to get over there and bring me back a caffeine free, diet Coke. Pronto!"

Ha! Maybe you had to be there but I laughed my head off!

I also learned things about myself... like, I talk about Fragile X too much... on second thought it does consume my life... so maybe that's OK.

But, one thing I know for sure and will forget too soon:

Sigh of relief.

Now back to work.

3 remarks:

Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

I find that the more "me" time I get, the less I talk about Fragile X, and it's a good thing for FX not to be your whole life.....

Rochelle said...

Ahh I love girl time. Too bad we don't live closer!! When are you coming to Lehi????

Kirsten Amelia said...

Ha ha ha totally shared that with Jeremy.
Hey yeah I agree with Rochelle. Come up here!:)