Friday, February 4, 2011

Functional Behavioral Assessment

Good heavens! That's a mouth full isn't it. I think that's why it is usually shortened to FBA.

What is FBA? Read here for the full definition but, for me it means more stuff I have to stress out about...

I just get overwhelmed with each and every tiny little task and intervention I have to know and understand along with all the other typical parenting things.


Sorry, just complaining.

Let me stop complaining and start explaining:
Sister has been having a rough time at school and at home, as you all know from previous posts. I am at my wits end trying to figure out what to do. Her teacher is so helpful and wants to do what's best for her, but we are both learning on the way.

A lot of people say that I know what I am doing for Sister because I have been through it all with Brother.

Not true.

They are totally different.


They have the same syndrome but, they are different personalities that are affected by the same syndrome in different ways.

And then there's Baby.

She's been different than either Brother or Sister.

I even fell into the assumption that since I had two with FXS that I would know everything this third time around.

Not true.

Now I fully understand why FXS can show such a spectrum of abilities.

I just called Sister's teacher this morning and asked her to have the school psychologist come in to do an FBA for her. She was so good about it and said that the school psychologist was actually there this morning and she would try to get him in to observe Sister today! What a great teacher. She is so on board with all my requests. This is her first year as a teacher too, so she is learning along with me but she is so good to just jump on the band wagon for the ride.

Teachers always make a world of difference.

For any child.

I constantly praise good teachers.

They are amazing people and need to be honored. (And their assistants if they have them.)

Well, I try hard to teach you about FXS—the terminologies, the intricacies, and the affects. All while trying not to get lost in it—being a family affected by FXS. I also want to show you we are just a family.

Just a family.







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