Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just Thoughts

I have a had a few people ask how I did last weekend when Amy and Frank were sealed for time and eternity along with their children, Bryan, Kelsey and J.R.

It was one of those bittersweet moments.

I was so happy for them. So incredibly happy for them.

And, for a moment, I got really sad for me.

But, I survived and the kids are very happy about it all.

Have I mentioned that my youngest sister is going to have a baby in April?

Well, if I haven't, now I have.

I am so excited for her, but, I have to admit I think about her and her baby often.

You see, since my dad is the carrier of FXS, that means that I and my two sisters are carriers by default. My dad only has one X Chromosome to pass on and so, for him, it is the affected carrier X.

Now let me inform you now that it is a 50/50 chance for a female carrier to have a child with FXS. Apparently, for me, it seems to be it was 100%.

Anyway, I think of my sister often, knowing that this has got to be something that is constantly in the back of her mind.

I remember feeling that way the entire time that I was pregnant with Baby. It's scary and surreal and you just try not to think too hard about it.

I know how she feels.

We don't ever talk about it, really. Mostly because I know that pregnant women are over-emotional and I really don't want to make her cry by talking about such a tender-sweet subject. So every once in a while I will ask her husband, Jeremy, if they worry about it ever. He responds, "We think about it. But, we will love her either way."


I am hitting that overwhelmed point.

(I hit them every so often and today it happens to be on a blogging day that I have no pictures to post so it is on my mind and I am going to share it.... minimally.)


And that is all I will say about that because I should be getting ready for my big new client meeting I have today. (I may be possibly saying that because I have to take Brother to the Pediatric Dentist today... holding him down along with one of the techs is not exactly something I look forward to.)

Wish me luck. I love designing and this is for a bridal company! Fun!

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wendy said...

I'm sorry you are overwhelmed. I wish you would give me a call so we can do a girl get away. I feel like a bad friend when I have to read your blog to know what is going on in life.