Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Noisy Shopping Cart

I look at all the shopping carts before I choose one to make sure it looks fairly clean and un-mangled. But, without fail, I always find the "one."

The one with the wobbly wheel.

The one with the creaky wheel.

The one with some kind of stringy stuff wrapped around one wheel so it won't turn. (Those are the fun ones where you start going side-ways while pushing...)

The one that only has a half a wheel on front right... you don't get those? Trust me, they are out there.

I used to start out with my sad little cart and then quickly realize how embarrassing it would be if someone saw that my cart was not as cool as their cart. So I would rush back, test a few others, and get the one that was a smooth and quiet ride.

I don't do that anymore...

it's not worth the effort

or the time.

Who cares if everyone is turning their heads to see what is rattling or squeaking up behind them.

I've decided I have to have the confidence to not worry about what everyone thinks of my grocery cart.

(I want you to know I am laughing as I type this. Come on, we've all had that cart, the one that makes people stare or snicker.)


Hey, wait, this is like a parable for my life.

I have to get through my life regardless of whether my kids are like everyone else's kids.

People may stare.

People may snicker.

People may wonder what is bouncing, screaming or grunting behind them.

But, they're my kids and I can't worry about what everyone else thinks. I have to raise them and care for them regardless of what other people may think of their "endearing" little habits.



Did I just compare my kids to grocery carts?

Philosophy, shmilosophy... some of you will understand it.

Mostly I just hope you all get  laugh out of relating to the noisy grocery cart.

And maybe next time you get the noisy grocery cart you will think of me...

2 remarks:

Rochelle said...

Maybe they are looking at them because they are so darn cute!! (your kids, not the noisy carts!)))

Mariah said...

The only reason I like to "stare" at your kids is because I think they're amazing with all that they accomplish. I love seeing what challenges they'll hurdle next!