Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Bouncy Family Home Evening

As I have said before, we have to keep our family home evenings short and sweet.

We sang our opening song.

Marc said the opening prayer.

J.R. was there because I had been helping him with some things so he just stayed for family home evening.

This time we listened to this.

Sister was excessively bouncy this evening and had her new purple beach ball to add to her chaotic jumping and throwing.

You have understand that regardless of her attention span we still try.

We figure example or routine will win out eventually.

We'd only been watching the 3 minute video for thirty seconds when Sister's purple ball flew through the air and bounced off Marc's head.

J.R. and I let out a quick burst of loud laughter...

then we noticed that Marc wasn't laughing.

We both stifled.

It was hilarious but, I guess Marc was still trying to be a reverent example...

Bwa ha ha ha!

I have to illustrate a picture of the incident so you can enjoy the humor of this situation.

And then Sister ended off our night by helping her stuffed bear say the closing prayer.


1 remarks:

Mariah said...

Honestly, that's not too far off of our weekly FHE. The insane part about it is as chaotic and ridiculous they seem to me, the kids totally count on it, even look forward to it. (Love the simulated picture. It really helped the visual.) :)