Wednesday, February 2, 2011

7 Steps and a Copy Cat

Baby took "about" 7 steps today for the first time ever!!!!

She has taken a step here and there for various people in my family, mostly Jessie and Mom, but I was ever privy to witness these steps. So today when Tynelle enticed her into walking towards me several steps I was overflowing with joy!! Of course when I tried to get her to walk at home she didn't want anything to do with it.

I hope this is the beginning of walking...

I know what kind of mischief walking entails you can all save your comments about how "once she is walking you'll regret it." Trust me, I know it will add to the mayhem of our household but, I am excited to see her, literally, move forward in her development!

Her speech therapist came today and said she is moving along quite well.

Still behind.

Still hope.

Still overwhelmed in hoping I can do everything I need to for all 3 of our kids.

Oh, and I found out that Sister is, apparently, a copy cat. I found out the hard way that all of the crazy sensory habits she has had this last month and a half are all (at least 4) being mimicked from this one child in the other classroom.

I have been able to get her to stop hitting herself at home but they tell me she is still doing it at school sometimes.

But, at home, she is still
throwing rubber bands that she collects (we are throwing them away as we find them without her knowing)
jumping up and down constantly
grunting more than talking
holding onto the rubber band if she has one and falling apart if it gets lost

So I am beside myself hoping that this mimicking hasn't become habits that can't be broken.

I feel silly for not thinking of the possibility of her copying another child. I should have known that. That is one of the first things I remember learning about children with Fragile X, is what good mimics they are. I shouldn't blame myself though, I know, I am learning as I go. I know that these are characteristics that are sometimes seen in FXS kids, so you can understand my confusion. Now I know in the future if some out-of-character behaviors show up that I need to first ask if there is someone else around her that is doing the same thing. Then, I need to look into all the other possibilities.

On the other side, my heart goes out to the parents that are dealing with these things in this child that Sister is mimicking. I have been overwhelmed. I wonder how they are coping.

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Rochelle said...

Once, she is walking you'll regret it. Just kidding! Of course you want her to walk - walking is great, and kids are so much happier when they can move around by themselves!! GOOD LUCK with everything, I don't know how you do it. Ok I do, you just do it, everyday - day after day, crying sometimes, but keeping a positive attitude, because that is your life. Well that is how I feel everyday when people say to me. "I don't know how you do it" to me:). Hang in there!! Love ya tons!