Thursday, February 17, 2011

The funniest Baby you'll ever know!

My mom babysat Baby yesterday while I went to a meeting and while I took Brother to the dentist.

I survived both.

The first more so that the latter. But, Brother actually did really well, and I only had to hold him down to the dentist's chair for 2 minutes...

Anyway, my mom gave Baby some bread. Baby loves to stuff her mouth (which is something a lot of Fragile X kids like to do. It's an oral sensory thing.) When she opened her mouth from the over-stuffing  she looked like she had Billy Bob teeth so she took some pictures.

The best one... tee hee!

Bwa ha ha ha har!

Also, I have some video of her walking but, I didn't want it to be like any other baby walking video on the web, so I did something I little... quicker...

She said "horse" yesterday while pointing outside at our horse. (Horse in her language... it was kind of a "oos" but I loved it.)

She also says "ya" after she says "hello" on her telephones.


Oh, and I am done being overwhelmed now.

Today is a happy day. My happy day. (grin)

2 remarks:

Cheryl Johnson said...

Happy Birthday! Love reading your blog. We miss you guys. Hope you have a great birthday! Cheryl Johnson

Mariah said...

What? How'd I miss that? Happy Birthday friend. Glad today is a happy day!