Sunday, February 13, 2011


I don't know who decided that kids were mature enough by 5th grade to have the dreaded maturation program presented to them, but, it seemed like a good age when I attended it, and it seemed like a good age for Kelsey and J.R. when they attended it.


When your now fifth grader isn't mentally a fifth grader, the thought of someone else teaching them about maturing into a young adult kind of seems a little out of place.

At our house we have always taught the proper terms for the body. So when Brother blurts out something to do with a "p_ _ _ _" (I left out those letters purposefully because I don't want creepy weirdos on my blog) people outside of our little household get really embarrassed. Everyone always laughs, because it's funny, but, I am sure it does make some people uncomfortable when they hear a young boy talking about his body with such frankness.

Anyway, since he has been known to blurt out the word every so often, I was a bit concerned about him sitting in this presentation on Friday afternoon with all the other mainstream fifth graders. It's hard enough not to giggle at these things without someone in the audience blurting out the word, "p_ _ _ _" after it is said by the presenter.

After talking with his teacher and knowing that she would take him out if he were a disruption I felt a bit better and conceded to let him go.

I got a call from his teacher and she informed me he did really well and only gasped with embarrassment once. She said he was very mature about the whole thing and seemed to be understanding it all.

When he got off the bus and walked in the house I asked if he had anything to tell me about school that day. He told me "it was good" and went on. So I poked a but more and asked if he had to go to a special presentation at the end of school. This was his response, and I wish I could do it in his exact wording and tone but seeing the words will just have to be good enough for you.

"I saw... I saw something... un... un... I saw something very unpleasant mother."

"What did you see?" I asked.

"A p_ _ _ _. It was very unpleasant indeed."

Tee hee! I laughed.

Wanted to get a picture of Brother so the post wasn't boring and these are the ones he chose... Shania Twain on the iPod for  the pics.

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