Saturday, June 6, 2015

Time to Share

Rehearsals for this play have been long and hard.

This is the third play I have been in and it hasn't changed the way I feel during rehearsals. I love the people I am with, I love having something of my own and I love how close Marc and the kids get each time, BUT I always question if I am doing the right thing being gone so much from my family when there are times of just getting dinner ready as I have to leave so I am not able to sit down and eat with them or being the one to read them stories at night, or sitting with my husband in bed talking about the day.

Then comes opening night.

I LOVE to be part of something that can brighten a person's day, inspire them to be better or just get them to laugh when they haven't for a while.

Last night's audience was so responsive and so involved! I could hardly handle the adrenaline and excitement that was coming from all of us as we fed off of their reactions.

It was beautiful!

I was reminded, again, as I am every time, that I love to bring joy to peoples lives.

Growing up I sang and performed with my mom and siblings. My mom wrote the songs and we performed them alongside her.

This is one of the younger pictures I could find but my brothers aren't in here. I really need search through my parents stuff and get some actual performance pictures from when we were young. We were just so cute!

When I got older (junior high age—you know, when you know everything) I would get upset with her because we looked unprofessional by not singing on the stage that was at the venue.

She always wanted to be down at the level of the audience so she could laugh with them and see them smile. She would get more intimidated if she had to be above them and not looking right into their faces while we sang. She loves and still does enjoy bringing people joy.

She paints furniture as a business and always sells her things for way too cheap just because she wants everyone, even if they don't have a lot of money, to find joy in the things she paints.

She loves making people happy!

She came over yesterday because she knew I'd been sick and decided that instead of flowers she would bring me popsicles for my sore throat and cough. She even stayed and cleaned my kitchen.

It was good to have her there.

My kids couldn't stop telling her about the play and how great it was and how much they loved it and the different things that I did.

She's coming to the show on Monday.

I know she is going to be so proud of me.

Not because I have a big part in the play or anything, because I don't really, but she'll be so proud that I am following in her footsteps and bringing joy to other's lives by sharing my talents.

Just like she does.

And after seeing the joy our kids expressed to her about the play yesterday during her visit I realized they were proud of my too.

It's moments like that that I think maybe I am giving them enough love and attention that they are OK to let me have my time to share with others and do something that brings me my own joy.

I even did a chalk drawing to commemorate our opening night.

Even after a little rain it is still there and my kids are so proud of it because Sister sat alongside me and did her own art and Brother helped me color in Mary's dress and even helped draw Bert's face. He is still so proud of his artwork that he has gone out 3 times already to admire his artwork.

Maybe he want to share his talents to bring joy to others.

I'll try to be a good example.

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