Thursday, June 18, 2015

Grocery Cart Career

It's funny how we, as mothers, have this idea in our heads that when summer comes we will have more time.

So not true.

I feel just as busy if not busier.

Maybe things will slow down soon as I settle into our routines and get my head on straight.

It's also funny... no, not funny... interesting that we as parents are so excited to see what our children will do as a career when they are older.

I think, in general, most of us parents want the best/most for our kids and those dreams usually include college degrees and job titles that start with "Doctor."

And then there's parents like me...

I have a whole other plan.

I just want my kids to be able to do things on their own and hold some kind of job that will help them feel like a contributor to their community.

So when I asked Brother to put the grocery cart back I was surprised with the end result and that result was my reaction and feelings.

He took the cart that I had used in the store and the cart that he had used in the store, pushed them together and then proceeded to the cart stall. He then began organizing the scatter of carts. He pulled them out and lined them up with pride in his work.

I just had to take a picture because I hope that that is something he can do when he is old enough and able enough to hold a job.

He was so happy when he got into the car that he could hardly handle my compliment. I was just glad I got the pictures so I could remember this small moment in time.

I've seen the "special" people at grocery stores quite often that take care of the carts. I have to admit that years ago this was not a "career" I had dreamed of for my kids. But, I took so much pride in seeing him do such a good job without even being asked that I found myself, for a moment, hoping that this would be a job for him one day.

As for the rest of my UPs today, well, I am going to do kind of a "rewind" post so that I can show you some of the other UPs that have happened lately.

Today I also got to go pick cherries down in Santaquin with my father-in-law, Gary. It was a beautiful day and getting my fingers sticky with cherry juice brought back remnants of memory from my childhood.

I don't remember when these pictures below were taken... maybe Friday or Saturday, but I have to say that I think my face explains a lot of how I feel about my fellow cast members and my experience in the play. I love that I can be my goofy self AND still have great conversations and real smiles shared amongst them.

On Saturday was the Fragile X Association of Utah's Breakfast in the Park.

It was our first one.

We didn't have much of a turn out, but OH, was it fun! I am realizing a little late that sometimes less is more and this gathering was memorable for sure.

It also means a lot to me that Sister's teacher and his wife have become such a pivotal part of our association and an integral part of Our Life!

I love that the random person I asked to take the photo took about 20 photos... I just wish her finger wasn't in the shot...

 During the time that I was having our little picnic, there was a group of cast members that gathered to cheer on another cast member who was running in the Utah Valley Marathon.

I can't say enough about the amazing people I get to act with 5 times a week... well, we only have 3 more shows left. (sniff)
 That night we had our performance and I am so glad that my friend, Jordyn, got this picture because it makes me laugh how tall I am on this stilts! And the smile on my face shows the true happiness I have while doing this play.

I got stuck in traffic on the way to the play that night so I just had to take a selfie of my stage make-up and hair that I do before I get all sweaty and smash a wig on my head twice. (I play a few different characters and the stage starts off hot and we do a lot of dancing.)
 After being stuck in traffic I came to gather with everyone and saw these that one of our friends from the cast had made special for the Mary Poppins cast. If you want to know the significance of gingerbread stars, you'll just have to come see the show...

Saturday afternoon Lindsey and Kenna took Brother and Sister with them to the Orem Summer Fest parade so Marc had Baby while I was at the play.

Marc had a great date with our little one and took some sweet pictures to commemorate the occasion.

After the park they went to Squaw Peak to see the sun set.

On Sunday we spent some precious down time with Marc's parents at their house and I loved the moment so much I took a few pictures.

Let's just imagine that Marc's facial expression is because he was into a very intense conversation... I don't know...

I'm seriously in love with my family!

It's a great day to be UP!

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