Sunday, June 28, 2015

Just the Surface

So, maybe you've noticed I have not blogged for 10 days...

I hate falling behind. So, it's hard to talk about my UPs because I kinda feel like a failure.

I'm one of those people that lets things weigh on me pretty heavily. Which is weird about blogging because, really, I just blog for myself, but it's just knowing that I am falling behind on my goal of blogging my UPs everyday. I can feel a difference too when I don't share my UPs with others.

So, that being said; I also don't like catching up...

So this post is just going to be the surface UPs which basically means pictures and captions.

I don't even think there are enough pictures to give an excuse as to why I have been so overwhelmed with life and responsibilities. So, just fill in the blanks and I'll write some deeper stuff in my next post (which will also be posted today).

I thought after Mary Poppins was done I would have more free time but it has been replaced with taking care of Young Women Camp stuff which not only included camp things but getting my family set up for me to be gone for 5 days.

The Young Women thought it would be fun to make pinatas for Girls Camp. My Beehives took an activity night to put some more layers on our globe pinatas.

It was sticky, messy, and memorable.

My sister, Kirsten came over for a bit and I was getting such a kick out of watching little Zac play with Ranger. Ranger really is such a good therapy-type dog. Zac was having a great time getting some sensory input with tug-o-war.

Amanda and her kids have done so well involving Brother in various activities this summer and he has loved it!

One of the preparations for Young Women's Camp was going on a 5-mile hike. It didn't turn out quite as planned... we were supposed to have an easy hike to the hotpots in Diamond Fork Canyon, but we didn't really get to the right trail head so we did a lot of bushwhacking and a lot of rough terrain to get to a small stream that had to suffice as our turning point. It was wet and cool but it was no pool.

As rough as it was on some of the girls it actually became a memorable experience that we can all laugh about now.

The wonderful stream... Hey, at least we were able to listen to the water trickle as we ate lunch.

And the wildflowers were beautiful. It was the first time for some to see our State flower, the Sego Lily, in real life.

Yep, bushwhacking.

But we still had a positive attitude! I also love this picture because I'm with someone I admire and love.
(More on her in the next post)

This was the last group of girls to make it to the top of the hill before our final descent. It was a happy moment.

The girls at summer school are having such a great time! I am so thankful that Jeremy sends me pictures once in a while of their fun activities.

This was their Bridal Veil Falls trip:

Sister loves creating her own artwork and, apparently, tying yarn pieces on Jeremy's shoes is included in that creation.

Jeremy said that Baby was laying on the floor just staring at the ceiling for a long time, so he decided to join her. Yes, it looks like that is in the bathroom. I try not to think about that part and just the part where Jeremy is trying to be part of Baby's world...

I am a photographer and sometimes my kids show off that they are photographed all the time. That doesn't necessarily mean that they are good at posing, it just means that they are good at making different faces for the camera. Baby was getting her photo taken for reference purposes and she was hamming it up.

Poor Brother has to come with me to the grocery store a lot now-a-days, but he tries to make the best of it. Like when he gets a rush out of running the big Costco carts over the speed bumps.

Lynne and Gary came by for a surprise visit and all the kids (plus the dog) just had to squeeze in with Grandpa. He's a trooper.

Marc and Brighton went on a hike from Friday to Saturday with Dr. H and his wife and some family members. I want to write more about that in the next post, so you just get to see a few pictures of the experience for now.

So, it was 10 days full of UPs that I feel bad about not posting each day... I'll try not to let that bring me down.

Days 170 - 179 of 365 Days of Up (part 1 of 2)

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