Friday, June 19, 2015

The Time is Now

I have a cast party tonight after our show so I know I won't be blogging tonight. So the time is now.

I got to visit with my sisters Jessie and Kirsten today and it was so fun for me to hang out with them. It was kind of a surprise, last minute, gathering at my house. I love surprises.

Jessie had the chance to come with me to pick up the girls from summer camp and she was in tears because of the strong spirit she felt from all the children and their parents that were there. I forget how lucky I am to be surrounded by angels so often that I don't realize the tenderness of these lives lived around me.

My big UP today, though, is that my friend, Amanda, called to have Brother join her and her kids and friends to see a movie tonight! I love that he gets opportunities like this to "hang out" with friends.

He's nervously excited!

And I KNOW that the play tonight will be a huge UP because it certainly was last night:

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