Friday, June 5, 2015

Life is a Stage

First, before I get into my post, I HAVE to show you another UP from yesterday:
This is Sister's light saber she created! She is such a kick!
Give her tape and glue and she is one happy creator/builder/artist/sculpter!
And, yes, I did tell her that I need my beaters back eventually...
OK, now onto today:

I went to the doctor today.

That is not my UP.

But, I went to the doctor today to make sure my nasty cold hadn't turned into something else.

I waited for what seemed like hours...

I stared at the patterns on my dress for so long that I started picking out shapes like you do when you stare at the clouds... do you see the Parrot? I might be a little Mary Poppins obsessed...

I think it may have been 45 minutes, when a student came in.

A medical student.

He asked if he could talk with me before the doctor came in so he could practice.

I obliged.

I was sitting there talking about my symptoms and all that stuff and threw in there that I was worried that maybe it was just a cold I haven't been able to kick because of long, late nights rehearsing for a play.

I've had lots of different reactions from people when I mention I am in a play, but today's comment takes the cake.

This student/doctor-in-training opened his eyes wide, slapped his hands on the examination table and exclaimed, "Oh! OK. So that's why you're wearing that make-up. You're in a play, I was wondering!"

... flashback 2 hours before that comment...

Me: "I'm feeling a little better today and I'm being brave and I'm just going to go out with my eyelashes and red lips today... classic look. OK, feeling good, here I go..."

... flash forward to student/doctor-in-training's comment...

All I could say was , "Umm. Ya," because I wasn't quite sure if I should laugh or cry and decided not to embarrass him for being an outspoken idiot so I just moved on as if he was right.

Anyway, I called my sister on the way back home so that we could laugh about it.

Soon after I got home, I made dinner for the family, went and put my real stage make-up on and did my hair for the play. I was nervously excited because tonight was a preview night for all the volunteers and I had special permission for my kids to come see it when the crowd was small (The Scera Shell holds 5000 people... so a crowd of 100 seemed like a better option.)

Just before the show started I was setting one of my props and Brother spotted me from so far away that I was surprised he knew it was me. He kept waving and giving me a "thumbs down" signal, which is his way of teasing me. Lindsey and her sister Kenna had come with the kids and I was just crossing my fingers that they would watch the whole show and not have to leave from over-stimulation at intermission.

Our kids are really sensitive to atmosphere and attitudes and spirits of people they are around.

I have known for quite some time that this cast I am working with is pretty darned phenomenal and seems to carry the feelings that radiate from this cast right up on to the stage.

I know that is one of the many reasons our kids sat through the entire play. They could feel the good feeling that our cast exudes from the stage.

They watched the whole thing.

It didn't end until 10:30 pm.

They even lasted long enough to come get a picture with me afterward.

Yep, that's me on stilts!
So you see that smile on my face? I'm so happy they made it through the whole thing and even enjoyed it! I hope that I'm not in trouble with my director for posting this picture... I might be... but I hope he understands that I was just so happy to have them take a picture with me, that I had to show it off!

Life is a stage! We may not always know what the set looks like or what our lines are in each scene, but it is up to us to make it a show worth smiling about.

I'm doing my best to set up my stage so that I can revel in every scene change, pace each moment and be ready for the big finale!

Because, by dang! I will deserve a finale of epic proportions when I have lived my life to the fullest and ad-libbed where I had to or added flair where it may have been a little slow.

So, I guess if I look like I am wearing stage make-up everyday... whelp... I guess I'm just prepared for my big spotlight!

Just keep smiling until the lights dim.

Day 155 of 365 Days of Up

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