Thursday, June 11, 2015

65% Chance of Scattered Stories

Today was such a simple day.

No crazy running around or deadlines to make.

It was nice.

I even had time to sit down and watch the first half of the first ever episode of Wonder Woman with Brother today.

Some of my childhood memories of sitting in front of our 20 inch analog TV on the orange carpet in our living room came flooding back to me.

The girls started summer camp on Monday and it gives a chance for me to spend much needed one on one time with Brother. Yesterday was our library day.

I loved sitting in the library watching Brother look through books and pick out interesting ones based on their cover art. He had quite a pile he brought to me while I was reading "Sleepy Hollow." He was proud of them, but didn't want to take them home. That would be too much pressure on him to actually read them, or really in his case, listen to me read them.

He put them all back and we headed down to the basement to pick out a movie for us to watch together. I saw the old Linda Carter "Wonder Woman" series and thought that Brother would get a kick out of watching it with me. We got the first season and headed home. There's just something a little magical about watching old campy TV shows with your kids... they were just so ... I don't know... fun.

In the evening we all went on a little walk as a family to take Brother to his Young Men's activity just a few blocks away at the church.

I didn't have a performance tonight so I was able to spend precious time with my family and I was relishing in every moment of it.

Baby had to keep stopping along the way to smell the flowers and try to pick them.

She loves flowers and she makes them come to life.

That was my big UP today watching her play with the flowers.

It was one of those times that I was in no rush to hurry her along so I sat on the sidewalk by her and just took pictures of her making the flower blossoms talk to each other.

I've been trying to teach her not to pick other people's flowers so she is carefully keeping them on their stems as she plays.

I think this is where they were singing to each other.

She eventually decided to bring her friends home:

As I was walking by her I was laughing at our long-cast shadows that, ironically, remind me now of my Mary Poppin's character costume. (Look at our long legs!)

On Monday night Marc and my mom and dad were able to come see me in the play. It was so much fun to see them afterward and to hear all the praise they had for me! It's always nice to get compliments, right?

Marc was such a good sport about letting this goofy-looking gigantic character hug him for photos!
The wig is the kicker...

My proud parents!

And of course I had to get a pic with Mary and Bert. 

I don't even know if I have the right words to express the love I have for the people in this cast!

It was especially nice to see the cast Monday night because our Saturday night show was rained out... really, really, really rained out. It was a torrential downpour that included lightening, thunder and hail.

We were all eager and pleased to see each other again and that was expressed with hugs, jokes, laughter and "Break A Leg" wishes.

Yesterday I had a group of 30 girls and Young Women leaders there to watch me! My sister and her family came too.

I danced as much as I could in my heavy stilts and had a great time doing it.

It was fun to be rushed afterwards by my family and Young Women, I felt like a movie star.

I don't have pictures of me with the Young Women Group—hopefully someone will send me a few of those.

I do have the ones with my family last night:

I was even able to hold up Lil MissB so we could get a cool picture!

Then the fantastic night was topped off when I found this letter in my purse. I had to take a picture of it because it made me so happy.

Tonight, while Brother was still at the activity, I received a text from a friend to show me that she could see Brother from her backyard... so cute.

Also, yesterday, Brother and I took Ranger for a walk up the Prove Canyon Trail.

That hour-long time span was memorable and priceless because of the care and concern his friend, Cece has for him. This pictures says a lot.

We even spotted a butterfly that kept our interest for a while and I tried to get a decent shot of it on my phone.

Monday was great but I want to show you the moment that I had to capture:
She loves lipstick... she usually will watch me and then want to try too. She's concentrating very hard...
I had to take a picture of my half eaten dinner I was snarfing on the way to the play because I was so happy that I actually took the time to make pizza.
OK, I think all that about covers the last few days.

Days 157, 158, 159, 160 and 161 of 365 Days of Up!!

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