Monday, June 29, 2015

A Little More Detail... Just a Little

The Scera Shell's run of Mary Poppins ended on Saturday the 20th.

My love for all the people involved didn't.

On closing night I was out until 4am talking to remaining cast member (friends) after a gathering at Village Inn. That experience that night was so much fun and such a riot that it was hard to leave even at that hour because I knew this was the last time we would all be together under these circumstances.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity I had, not only to perform this poignant show, but to become friends with such genuine and talented people.

The following photos are courtesy SCERA, by Mark A. Philbrick

This is a shot from "Jolly Holiday" and it taught me to always keep a smile on my face and look UP.

This is a shot from "Precision and Order" and it taught me to look for good people and not just a good idea.

These next few photos are from "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and it taught me to stand tall, stand proud, have fun, enjoy the sweet things of life, make up great words and to dance even if life gives you stilts... or lemonade, whichever ending you prefer.
I'm the one in the orange skirt and yellow shirt by the way.

This is a shot from "Playing the Game" and this taught me to treat everyone with tender care regardless of whether they seem to be hard faced, or not. (I'm in the purple dress, with the bonnet behind the big circus leader)

"Let's Go Fly a Kite" taught me to enjoy the small things in life and find joy in the journey.

This shot is from the bows and includes the songs "Supercalifragilistic" and "Reach for the Stars" and this taught me that you can reach higher than you even though possible, be creative, have fun and cry in front of hundred of people.
I shocked myself with how much I cried on the last night. 

I was blubbering really.

This show just had so much meaning that it all sank in pretty deep on the last night I knew I would be performing this inspiring show with all these wonderful people.

As a gift for my fellow cast members I like to take photos backstage to share with them. These are some of my favorites in no particular order:

A view of Paul from the wings while on fly for "Step In Time"

Annie (Emily) and Fannie (Me), so tall our hair brushed the ceiling.
We had to duck the lights when we walked through to get to the stage.

Mrs. Corry getting her make-up ready. Hayden did almost everyone's make-up for the show.

I LOVE this shot so much. It was a "crap hurry and take a picture of this" moment but it was captured so artistically and I just love having this moment of one of our cast cheers set in stone.

The chimney sweeps were some of the funnest to photograph but this one takes the cake!

We were all always helping each other backstage and sometimes it took an army...

The gingerbread stars... oh the meanings of those precious stars...

I saw this necklace at a yard sale yesterday and had to get it because it was a great memory of the show:

And this picture!! This is Hayden... happiest person on earth! Love him! I think we will be friends forever!

Selfie in costume

For Young Women's camp we are focusing on the journey through life and how it can be better if we embark in the service of our God and do well for others. I was up until one in the morning painting our camp banner. It's supposed to be the depiction of the Liahona, which, in the Book of Mormon, is described as a device used to guide the way. In essence, we want it to represent our journey through life as we choose to follow the Lord.

One of my biggest UPs this last week was actually something I wasn't even personally involved in.

It was Brother's backpack trip with his dad this weekend.

I LOVE that Marc takes Brother on these backpack trips! He is amazing to do so because it really isn't easy. It takes so much mental, emotional, physical and spiritual preparation beforehand to make sure that it is a successful experience for Brother. Although it is an amazing experience for Marc to backpack with his son, it also has a bit of stress and anxiety along with it.

Side note: I wasn't able to finish this post earlier today like I had planned... which really disappoints me because I have so much to say about this hike that Marc took our son on this weekend.

So I am going to steal from others who were with him on the hike and hopefully that will explain the experience. I just feel bad I can't explain it all from my heart...

Marc gave a quick description on Facebook:
The Wasatch Mountains make for quick and awesome backpack trips. Easy to do when they're right out your front door. My son and I met up with friends and family at Red Pine Lake Friday and then did a challenging day hike Saturday to the 10,000 foot ridge line, looking into Salt Lake and Utah Valleys.

The friends he is talking about is Naomi and Ryan. They have become quite treasured friends and this experience made them even better! 

Naomi said this in an email she sent along with pictures (and I hope she's OK I share part of it) 

... Can I just say, [Brother] is one awesome kid! He really showed us that we are not nearly excited enough about the beauty of nature. I will never forget how thrilled he was to see that turquoise lake and the fish jumping for bugs in the evening. Thanks again for one of the best backpacking trips we've ever had.

And that is all I have time to share with a few more special pictures from the day.

Brother and Ryan

Brother at his Turquoise lake

beautiful lake (photo credit: Naomi)

Happy as can be even after a challenging hike

Brother also enjoyed taking pictures with Naomi's camera/phone

Brother really enjoys hanging out with Naomi and Marc said he stuck by her side quite a bit.
Proud Papa

This is the next day at the top of the 10,000 foot ridge line Marc mentioned. 

He loves his new hiking sticks Marc got for him too

Naomi got a video of him making ripples in the water

Another beautiful shot by Naomi

Brother is exhausted by the end. Bless his heart, he pushed himself so hard and he loved it. He was so excited to tell me about it when he got home, but he also made sure to tell me how hard it was.

This is one of my favorite pictures Marc took. I want to frame it.
Brother loves waterfalls and rushing water and could watch them all day,
it's just one of his zen moments.

I need to get to bed so I can be up in 4 hours to get ready to leave for camp, but I don't want to forget, either, to tell you about my friend, Tanya. (I mentioned in my last post that I would tell you more...) I wish I had more time to go into more detail, but, in a nutshell, she is a warrior and her light shines so bright that you can't help but be drawn to her!

Sorry my details got so short and un-detailed...

I'll post again on Friday if I have survived girls camp! (wink)

                                                                                                        Days 170 - 179 of 365 Days of Up (part 2 of 2)

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