Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Garbage Can UP

I feel so bad that I haven't posted for the last few days, and only once in the last 5...

Really, I am amazed at how therapeutic it is to write in my blog every day. Not only to documents my UPs but just what I feel. I'm realizing that blogging is therapy for me.

I have to start with some pictures that Marc sent me from his phone on Monday. I wanted so badly to share them all with you because they were totally and completely my reason for giggling on Monday and were my UP!

Yep. That's Sister. With big old ski goggles on to help her read through her new yearbook... I can't stop smiling. I love this girl! She is such a gem! I just LOVE that Marc captures these kinds of moments! She was unsuspecting at this point.

I can't breathe! She's a hoot!

She finally caught on to him shooting pictures, but was happy to pose for him.

How could those pictures not make a mom smile/laugh/giggle/snort?

Then he sent me these precious moments:
He's such a thoughtful dad to capture moments of his daughter with her little "friend" Pinkie Pie
and a freshly picked dandelion.

In this picture I have to giggle/wince a little because I am not sure if she has just picked a petal from the dandelion or if she just picked her nose and is observing her find... I know... but that's the stage she's in now-a-days...

Also, with Baby having gotten so sick last week, I neglected to post some of the little things that went on so I'll give you a few.

Like the time my mom met me in Spanish Fork after getting Baby's second antibiotic shot. Baby was screaming and cursing me in the car until we pulled into view of Grandma Judy. She immediately started smiling again and the treats grandma had for her weren't bad either.

Baby happily playing with the blocks at the doctors office before the shot...

What really got me laughing though was my mom's outfit... I love my mom and all, but sometimes she gets so busy and painting her furniture she forgets that she has paint all over her and her clothes. She started laughing so, of course, we had to take pictures.

She was trying to look lost... I think it worked

You can't even see all the paint on her, but I'm still laughing

I let her wear my sunglasses to see if they helped her look cooler...

I think it worked...

Last Friday, the morning of the kids' last day of school, Sister was in her room, doing her thing of making her "artwork" and when I walked in I just loved the way the light was hitting so I just had to take a picture.

I don't know how to arrange flowers but I love to try anyway and just make pretty displays for my kitchen table with flowers from our yard. The lavendar, roses, and Queen Anne's lace were all in bloom. The kitchen smelled so good.

I picked those on Monday.

I was feeling really sick that day and thought that being out in the sun for a little bit and bringing some spring inside would help me feel better... it brought up my spirits but not my health.

We had our first dress rehearsal that night and I made it through. Mostly because of all the excitement of seeing everyone's costumes. They look so amazing!

My big UP on Monday was the video I already shared with you. That continues to be my up as I feel like even in my business, and my neglect in being a good leader our Utah Fragile X Association that I, at least, can help by sharing my story.

Yesterday I was so sick that the fact that my kids were good all day and I slept most of it was quite a miracle.

Today, so far, my UP was when my mother and father-in-law came to surprise visit us with our lawn mower repaired and an inspiration to help clean my kitchen when they saw how sick I was when they came. I was even able to hop in the shower while they were with the kids and cleaning.

I just had to get a picture of the girls helping grandma clean out the kitchen garbage cans in the back yard. I loved hearing them through the open window telling grandma things and being so eager to turn the water on for her and take the cans to try in the sun.

It's a good day!

Days 153-154 of 365 Days of Up

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