Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pictures That Make Me Smile

I love so much, that in this day and age, we can take pictures anywhere and anytime.

The saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words" really seems to hold fast in this day because we really do use them so often to tell our stories.

I just have a bunch of pictures on my phone that I just had to share because they make me smile laugh.

Marc and I were sitting and having hot chocolate one night after the kids were in bed and I saw a random googley eye sitting on the table from one of the kids school art projects... so obviously, I stuck it to my head and took a picture!

Baby has learned to get up on a chair to get to what she wants. This is what her face looks like after she gets into her strawberry milk mix and eats it straight from the canister.... mmmmmmm. This has been her snack of choice when I inadvertantly leave it on the counter. Ho hum, someday I will be better at getting things put away immediately after use...

Yaya wanted to color  with the big girl cousins but really wanted to feel big so she grabbed a really big "crayon." Too bad it didn't work like a crayon... (it is a water squirter—don't ask why it was hanging around my mom's house in the middle of the winter, I don't know)

I was so excited when both Brother and Sister wanted to participate in games at a family party! Sister needed my help figuring out how to suck the candies to the straw and getting them to the bowl... we came close to the win!
Brother had a ball trying to throw marshmallows into Daddy's mouth... I think he got 6! 
This how Lindsey, Brother and Sister protect themselves from the stench of changing Baby's diapers. And trust me, they aren't too crazy for doing it either! Thanks, Lindsey for the picture!

Out on a quick date just before New Year's.

We set up our two favorite people on a date that night too and we just had to go to Blickenstaff's to have fun like kids. I told Lindsey to put on those glasses so she would look more like her date and I was laughing because Bryan looks like John Lennon! Just sayin'

Lindsey, Bryan and Marc were so good to let me take pictures of them for my own sake of laughter! And, yes, Marc really was getting into character. I laughed because Bryan's pharoah had was too small and Lindsey's was, well, too big. Tee hee!

I had to get in on the action. I didn't want anyone to mistake Lindsey and I for twins so I turned my glasses upside down...
Here we are as our true selves...  me as dazed and Marc as the puppet master! Ha ha!

On New Year's Eve we got invited to our friends Amanda and Travis and we partied hard (with sparkling cider) and Brother had a blast with his friends!

I laugh at this picture, not because my bedroom is a disaster area, that is just sad... but, because my attempts at taking a self portrait just never work out thank goodness I get paid to take pictures of other people. By the way, I took this picture so I could send it to my mom and prove to her that the skirt that she bought for Sister for Christmas does, indeed, fit me, therefore I shall take it over. And don't get any ideas, I am not as skinny as Sister. The lady who made it must have gotten happy with the elastic (smile)

I love that Brother was smiling so hard about me sending a picture of his new hair cut to his grandma Judy that his eyes are all squinched up. He does that a lot and I love it!

Joslin got sick with a fever on Thursday and our dear little friends J.J. and Juju wanted to make her get well cards to cheer her up. I know they cheered me up! The drawings are my favorite. Precious. 
And even though Juju and J.J. hoped no one else would get it, Sister, indeed, did. I was sending my mom this picture so that she could see how my day on Friday had been with both sick girls cuddled in my lap most of the day. You can see that Sister is making sure to let Grandma know how sick she feels. Baby, however, just loves the snuggling.

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