Friday, January 25, 2013

7 Days to Up - Day 6

At 1:30 in morning when your 3-year-old wakes up you just hope that after a sippy cup of milk she goes back to sleep for the rest of the night.

At 3:30 in the morning when you 7-year-old wakes up you just hope that after you comfort her fears of monsters in the dark that she will go back to sleep for the rest of the night.

At 4:30 in the morning when your 7-year-old still has not gone back to sleep and is laughing hysterically at something she found and the iPod you are too drowsy to actually get up and do anything about it.

At 5:00 in the morning when your 7-year-old is still giggling even after 2 groggy prompts from her parents bedroom to be quiet you bring out the Melatonin and wait for it to kick in so you can get a few hours of sleep.

At 7:03 in the morning when you wake up in a rush because you slept in because of the afore mentioned incidents you try not to trip over your robe as your throwing it on, avoid running in the walls because you still are not quite awake and carefully feel for each step as you go down the stairs to your 13-year-olds room to get him quickly ready for the bus.

At 7:25 when the bus arrives for the 13-year old you open the door and signal to them that he will be coming as soon as you can shove his granola bar and meds down him on the way out.

At 7:49 when your co-leader of the Fragile X Association of Utah calls in panic because she is being interviewed on the radio and needs some direction you hope that you can give her enough insight in the few minutes you have before your 7-year-olds bus comes. (I don't think I was much help...)

At 7:53 when the other bus arrives for your 7-year-old you happily send her out the door and hope that the teacher has fun with her after a night of sporadic sleep.

At 8:00 you stand at the top of the stairs watching the bus leave wondering if you should be productive while the 3-year-old sleeps or just crawl back into bed and set your alarm for 15 minute intervals tricking your brain into only taking a cat nap when in fact you plan on setting it for 15 minutes at least 4 times.

The 15 minute cat nap times 4 won.

I'm actually kind of ashamed to say it but when the depression has a hold on you it is hard to avoid the mind numbing abyss of sleep.

Luckily, my sister Kirsten called and it gave me motivation to only set the catnap alarm twice because she was coming for a visit.

Woo hoo!

So I exercised for a whopping 20 minutes (man that's embarrassing to admit too--oh well, I excercised!)


When I came upstairs I heard the squeaking of Baby's rocking horse and came to greet her with a huge "Good morning!" and a massive smile like a do every morning and she gave me a huge grin right back.

We do this little routine pretty much EVERY morning, but this morning, I knew it was going to my "UP!" of the day! It's times when I am looking for every little sliver of happy that these kind of moments hit me like a wall, smack me right in nose to remind me of how wonderful my life really is. She is so happy that I am the first person she typically sees every morning and she acts as if it is the most exciting thing every time! I love it!


Then my sister came to visit and I was able to treat her to one of my favorite lunch salads -- spinach with raspberry vinaigrette with sliced almonds, dried cranberries, chopped apples and feta cheese... mmmm mmm! We were able to talk and vent and just talk.


I even got a call from my sister-in-law, Chelsea and our sister, Jessie while Kirsten was there with me and when Kirsten was leaving she reminded me that I am loved because everyone calls me for advice or to just tell me good news.

Awe! I hadn't really thought about how special is it that my siblings and siblings-in-law rely on me. I am loved and needed. Whoa!


Baby has also been talking a lot more. Like today Marc was teasing her and was being a monster and had some paper in his mouth that she wouldn't pick up and she grabbed it out of his mouth and said, in her way, "NO Dad. Not in your mouth!" Are you kidding me? She is all of a sudden saying full on sentences that actually mean something.

Brother was a lot like that where he wouldn't do anything for a while and then BAM! he was talking in sentences.


And tonight they had 3 open spots at the volunteer respite night (Friday's Kids) and we were able to go on another date! We even got to meet up with our friends for ice cream!


I think even all this positive thinking is giving me some relief of my back pain, so if that's was it takes to get some relief from that, I am all over this.

I got thinking too, about one of my favorite sayings:

Oh, there is SO much truth in that one!

(And for my way to give an "UP!" today, you can use this quote 
as a free printable if you so desire. I think I'm going to hang it up in my house...)

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