Tuesday, January 22, 2013

7 Days to Up - Day3

Today would have been a bad day if I had let the negative side of me do the talking.

I woke up feeling sick from a pain medicine I took for my back and mulled through getting the kids off to school before going back to bed until 11am.

Baby threw up at school. I was hoping it was going to be that she had the flu... but no, she is following in Sister's footsteps and having her first panic attack at age 3. Bring on the panic pukes!

Marc had to work overtime and I was feeling overwhelmed by the kids until he got hom at 6:30.

But, guess what!!!

I had an "UP" day anyway. There were several things that were "UP" so I can't help but say the whole day was "UP."

Can it be that looking for the positive for only 3 days has scared the depression cloud away?

I don't know, but I'm hanging on to this hot air balloon of "UP" if it keeps the cloud away!

Even though I was feeling sick this morning, my dear friend came and cleaned my bathrooms and kitchen... drum roll please....  .... .... while I slept!



That's the kind of friends I have!

You know what?

She does this every week! Ya, every Tuesday! She's a saint!

After waking up from the dizziness of the medicated blur my back is feeling a million times better! Ya! I can actually sit without having stabbing pains!

It's a miracle!

And, because of my positive attitude I am not going to fall apart (too much, OK, I got discouraged for a few hours) about Baby starting in on the panic attacks. NO, I don't like my children having panic attacks, but I am so relieved to know what it is. When Sister started these at three I would pick her up from school several times a week because I thought she kept getting sick.

Knowledge is power! And that's what I'm going with today.

Oh, and guess what another "UP" was?

Go on guess?



OK, I'll tell you! Baby walked into the kitchen all the way from her bedroom, came to the fridge got my attention and said "I want some bread."



Plain as day, "I want some bread." Another miracle. There was no repeating, no perseverating... just plain, old requesting. (So I don't keep the bread in the fridge, but hey, I'm being positive here.) She even ate the whole slice of bread when I gave it to her.

Then I went to our Relief Society Activity tonight and it was so much fun. I laughed so hard that tears rolled down my legs... Ha! OK, not quite that hard but it is one of the quotes that I laughed the hardest at from our inspirational speakers tonight! Loved it! Loved it! But, I did laugh hard. Very hard. Maybe that is why my whole day was "UP." I refuse to be down after laughing and enjoying time with friends and those I hope will soon be my friends!

Oh, and I just had to create this image because, well, it will always remind me of this night and I know that my Relief Society friends will LOVE it! Sorry if you weren't there, but just picture the awkwardness of a high school talent show, bright pink leotard and a stage that you thought you could leap back onto, all in front of the coolest guys in school!

This is for you, Tanya!

Oh, and to top this whole day off, when I came down here to post my "UPs" I heard some talking coming from Brother's room. I was getting upset thinking that he was up watching movies on his iPod. When I walked in he was sound asleep with his scriptures reading aloud to him. He's in chapter 11 of Genesis...

Ah yes. It is good to be "UP."

2 remarks:

gardenofeden said...

Oh my goodness, I DO love the last UP! That is too, too precious. He is just melting my heart. There aren't words. Give him a love for me please!

I also love the illustration for the UP right before the last one. Go Tanya!!!

What a fun night!

Rachael said...

It was such a fun night!!! I knew you'd find joy in Brothers night time routine :)