Thursday, January 24, 2013

7 Days to Up - Day 5

Oh, today was a rough one.

I got bad news about being denied for help we need for the kids so that was a bummer that seems to have frustrated me for the rest of the day. I mostly get frustrated because I see people with one child receiving help and I can't seem to get help for my 3... OK, enough complaining about how the government functions, I don't want to get down again...

BECAUSE, there was some "UP."

My mother and father-in-law, Lynne and Gary, came to visit for a bit and I was able to vent to them a little. You know it helps a sometimes to complain a little... so I guess they got to hear my complaints and they still love me. They even said so when they left (smile).

And Lynne is quite handy when it comes to sewing and was able to fix Marc's coat with some new buttons. It looks great! Marc will be so happy, so that makes me happy, which is another "UP."

Hey, did you know that it is physically impossible to not feel happiness when you smile for a while, even if you are forcing it. It has something to do with chemicals that the muscles in your smile produce... some scientific jargon, but, I know it works.

Look, here's proof:

Tee hee! I think my eyes were still trying to catch up with my smile...

now I'm trying really hard...

I mean how can you not feel happier after smiling that big for that long... I mean, I was really trying hard! Look at the last one, my neck is going to pop from smiling so big! Sheesh!


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