Monday, January 21, 2013

7 Days to Up - Days 1 and 2

OK, if any of you were brave enough to read my post a few days back you will know that the dark cloud of depression has ransacked my life.

Well, being the positive person that I need to be and try to be I am going to take you on a journey with me.

I want to post everyday this week something positive in my life and see if it will help me to not focus so much on the negative.

Now, I am not saying that I won't be honest about how I am feeling, I'll let you know that too, I am just hoping that thinking positive will bring positive. It may just be a photo that makes me smile and it may be a sentence because I don't want to commit to too much just in case it starts to overwhelm me. (See how I work.)

OK, so let me tell you my "up" for yesterday.

It's actually what gave me this idea because it made me so happy to think that some small thing I did had a positive impact.

For church Brother has a great Sunday School Teacher who really tries hard to include him in their class goals and let me know what the challenge is for each week. Well, she had sent me a message letting me know that their challenge was to read the scriptures each day during the week. I wasn't sure quite how to approach this with Brother because he really HATES to read. He likes to read little things, but definitely NOT books. He just gets overwhelmed.

Well, on his iPod he has a scripture APP and I thought that would be fun for him instead of an actual book. He chose to start in the Old Testament in Genesis Chapter 1. OK. So I started reading, and then I had an impression to show him the option to have the scriptures read out loud to him by the APP instead of by me as he followed along. We listened to the first chapter together and I was so excited to hear that the narrator had a British accent. Brother LOVES accents, and especially British ones at that.

Well, here is the "up." Last night he was in his bed reading/listening to the scriptures independently!


Success. He had an interest, if only for one night, because of something I showed him!


Now the "up" for today... that is a bit harder because I was being very negative today.

But, tonight my little sister and her family showed up to give me a flower, Marc a candy bar and the kids some gummy candies.


It's always nice to get gifts from people who love you.

But I have 2 "ups" for today because as I was downloading pictures from mine and Marc's phones I smiled as I looked at these:
A picture Marc took after Sister told him "you're a good can holder Daddy."
(He was holding her drink while she did something.)

Baby making a face for Daddy 
The picture Marc took on our date night last Friday

Marc and Baby hanging out in our bed this morning. 

5 remarks:

Julie said...

Thank you for those "ups", Rachael. They just brightened my day, too!

Rachael said...

I am so glad, Julie. I hope you keep looking for the "ups" in your life too ;)

gardenofeden said...

Rachael, This post made me really happy. Those are definite UPS! I love picturing Brother listening to his British scriptures. How sweet is that? You are a wonderful, wonderful mom and don't you forget it!

gardenofeden said...

gardenofeden=Sarah Reinwand

Rachael said...

Thanks Sarah! I am so glad it made you happy too.