Saturday, January 26, 2013

7 Days to Up - Day 7

OK, so it's the last day!

The last day of making it known to all the world (my small, tiny world of readers) how it is going as I try to look for the "UP" in every day.

I wish I could have some big finale ending here, but it's not...

Really, it is only the start of a continual journey to being better, being stronger and being happier.

I wish I could say that it only takes 7 days to pull oneself out of depression.

The blues, probably, but not depression.

So, I have to look at this week as the beginning of my uphill journey.

Notice, I don't call it a battle, because I don't want to be fighting for happiness every day.

I want to journey.

To me a journey is taking in the scenery along the way and letting it become part of you, taking small jaunts off the beaten path to discover something wonderful hidden in the valleys, stopping for a while just  to soak in the sunshine, rain, wind or smells that surround you and greeting and meeting passersby who can become a big part of your life, or just a happy memory.

That's what I want, an uphill journey to happiness, because that is how I'm going to keep it with me is by searching it out and treasuring every tiny spark of happiness that I find along the way.

If I call it an uphill battle then I have all my armor and walls up so that I can keep from being hurt, seen, or touched.


Yep, I like that word.

So, my "UP" for today is that I am finally able to accept that depression is real but, I refuse to let it take control of me for so long that I forget how to take the journey of happiness.

My other "UP" was that there was, again, extra spots at Friday's Kids for respite and Marc and I got to go out again!

And a song I splurged on today on iTunes (a whole $1.28) that I am sure you have heard, I kept on repeat because I love the meaning of it.  I usually don't like Jason Mraz, but this is my song and my inspiration today...

And one of my new favorite pins...

Enjoy your UPs and know that I will be continuing to find mine every day.

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Courtney said...

Love the song!!! Thanks for being REAL with us. That's part of the healing. We are all imperfect together and can relate in our own challenges. Love You!!