Wednesday, January 23, 2013

7 Days to Up - Day 4

OK, so yesterday was great.

Today started off great and then it was as if I got tired of trying to find all the "UPs."

I don't know, I have to be honest don't I? Yes, let's say I do.

Maybe it just wears me out staying upbeat when the downbeat is just so heavy.

But, I was still able to find the "UPs!!"

Applause... and then awe...

So after having to pick up Baby from school as soon as her bus dropped her off at school because of school policy being that if your child throws up at school you can't send them back for 24 hours, I took her to Costco with me.

Side note: Yes I have let her teacher know that I know that yesterday was just a panic attack or some kind of crazy Fragile X loose connective tissue issue, BUT for this first time and the fact that she is on an antibiotic for a strep skin infection the are leaning on the side of caution.

Side note 2: Yes, I had to take her to Costco. We needed milk. I was desperate. OK, I wasn't desperate. It was already in the plan and I didn't want to deviate from the plan.

OK, so at Costco I pulled out all the stops! My purse is loaded for such occasions.

The sucker worked for the first 5 minutes. I am rushing through the store to get back in time for Brother and Sister's buses so when she starts to whine again I quickly pull out the M&M's... yes, it was that bad... I broke out the M&M's.

Now all mom's know that M&M's and kids don't mix. You know the old saying, "Melts in your mouth, not in your hands." That's all bologna! I was wearing a beige jacket... hmmm... anyway at the checkout line and on her second fun-sized packet of M&M's the unthinkable happened.

She dropped one.

On the floor.

The floor of Costco.

The screaming ensued.

But, I am no dummy.

I knew how important it was that we find the stray M&M and get it back to her pronto.

I ignored the stares of every mom (there were at least 3) staring at me as I followed Baby's shaky, yet pointing, finger and saw the blue M&M which laid lonely on the floor. I paused for a moment as I watched a 6 foot plus man gingerly, but not purposely step over it. I ignored the motherly stares and ran to pick it up before it was squashed.

As I picked it up and approached Baby crying with slight relief at this point seeing that I had it in my hand, I noticed the 3 pairs of eyes staring at me in sheer terror hoping but not daring to think about what I was about to do.

So in order to put their minds at ease, I breathed on the M&M, like you would a pair of sunglasses, wiped it off on my already M&M'd jacket, smiled at all of them yet none of them and placed it happily in Baby's chubby fingers.

I am still getting a chuckle out of that one!


I made a to-do list to help me feel better as I was able to check things off and even added things to make it look better that some of them were not checked off. (Make sure you notice things that I add just so that I can check them off... that's my favorite part of lists)

Baby was trying to add to my list... bless her heart

Lastly, my mom and dad came to visit us tonight after they had been to an art show.  My mom took a picture of her favorite painting.

It made me laugh.


I wish she could remember who the artist was so I could give them credit, but, alas,
there is no name.  If anyone knows tell me and I will give credit where credit is due.

Have a good night everyone and may you dream of sweet, blue M&M's rolling around on Costco floors...

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