Saturday, January 19, 2013

OK, now I have to post something positive...

I don't want to be a downer for too long, so here are some great pictures from my childhood I just have to share.

They make me happy just looking at them.

Any of you ladies out there born in the 70's remember those yarn bows? I love those so much! And here Jessie and I are in some more hand-me-downs that my mom sized down for us. She was amazing!

And look at us on our swingset and my mom out there with us and my dad taking pictures. My mom looks so hot in her outfit... and I mean beautiful hot!

This is taken on the same day as the top photo. I LOVED my dad's polka-dot hat. It was how we picked him out of a crowd. It was his signature hat. Every time I drew my dad he always had a polk-dot hat on. And look at Daniel... love his cheeks!

Jessie loved to wait at for the bus with me. The bus stopped right in front of our house on the corner. That was always nice on snowy days. My mom always had our hair curled or braided. She took good care of us... but, I am guessing that the outfit Jessie has on was not one Mom picked out. Love it, though, Jessie!
Ah, yes,  a short jaunt down memory lane to cheer me up. Thanks Dad for taking these so many years ago and thanks to Joel for taking pictures of the slides so we can actually post them.

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