Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weight. Lifting.

Marc LOVES weight lifting and exercising.

Our kids have really taken an interest in it too, but Baby with her little, pink weights... oh too cute.

It's amazing how much you can love your children, yet feel such a weight on your shoulders to do all the things you should as a parent.

Weight on my shoulders can sometimes get me really down.


Sometimes I actually notice that I slouch when I am a bit depressed. Crazy isn't it? That you can show physically how you feel emotionally and mentally.

It's actually physically impossible to feel depressed or down when I stand up straight and keep a smile on my face. So, if any of you see me walking around with pulled-back shoulders, chest out, (like we all did in high school...)  head held high and big smile on my face, you will know I'm just keeping the "weight" evenly distributed.

Sometimes when I do let the "weight" get me down I like to find something to inspire me, because sometimes I really just need some "lifting."

Tonight it was this.

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Karen Mayes said...

Very true! Stress can affect us in so many ways. I find that my son often picks up on my stress and it can impact his environment/mood. When life's burdens begin to overwhelm me, I like to, just as you said, look around, count my blessings and find the beauty in the small things.

PS. The picture of your daughter weight-lifting is adorable!