Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Wild Flowers and My Wild Card

sI LOVE to clip my flowers in the back yard to bring into the house to enjoy... I kind of feel old when I say that, but, nonetheless, it is true. I love bringing the beauty of the flowers inside.

Now that the lilacs have stopped blooming we have our wild flowers coming up like weeds. Some of them are as tall as Sister. Which makes bring them into my house and setting them on the the table all that much more dramatic.

We have to move them so we can eat and still see each others faces... tee hee.

Sister hasn't complained of them smelling like balloons yet, so I think we are good so far.

Which brings me to the Wild Card:
I loved playing UNO when I was a kid and the WILD card was the best card to get. I would do my best to hold onto them till the end so I had an easy win... shoot... now you know my secret if we ever play together.

Anyway, now that I am a mom my WILD Card is not part of my UNO game.

It is part of my life.


I never know what she's gonna give me.

I can try to guess.

I can stick with the routine.

I can even predict possibilities by utilizing the ever increasing, important, picture schedule.

But, sometimes....

Sometimes... she throws out whatever she wants to without warning.

Like yesterday she woke up going on and on about sleeping over at grandma Judy's. This started at 6 am, mind you, and she would NOT let up. Finally at 10 am I called my mom to tell her that Brother and Sister were sleeping over there and we would be there at 2:30... I stayed there until 6pm with the kids and then my mom was on her own.

She was thrilled. (Really, she was, I am not being sarcastic.)

Brother was thrilled!

Sister was ecstatic!

Baby came along for the ride and she loves playing with grandma's toys!

I had everything set:
Meds set out for my mom to administer.
New toys were there waiting for the kids.
Their cousins, Jman, MrT, and LittleB were also coming to spend the night.
I brought and set up the picture schedule for Sister.

My mom had arranged to take the kids to see all the local neighbors pets -- baby deer, momma deer, parrots and various other birds, cows, tortoise, and a bunch of baby horses (foals). All 5 cousins sang in the van going from place to place.

All was well...

Until 10:45pm my mom called and I could hear Sister wailing in the background. I thought, maybe she had fallen of the bed and broken her arm.


She had woken up and was scared about where she was.

So I hopped into the car and went to pick Sister up at 11pm.

All the other kids were awake too.

I wonder if her incessant screaming woke them... ?

So I got her home and she went right to sleep.

No problem.

I am hoping that tomorrow Sister lays down the SKIP card so we can just avoid any fall-a-parts altogether. Or even a red 8 card would work... that's my favorite color and number... could bring good luck, right.

Anyway, here is my way of signing off tonight, letting you enjoy one of the beautiful sunsets on one of my beautiful days.

2 remarks:

Suzy said...

Been there on the sleepover turned, late night exchange and no sleepover! At least they had fun until she woke up!

Mariah said...

Gorgeous picture.
You have sweet kids.
And you're a truly wonderful momma. :)