Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tiny Cooper

No, no one had a new baby.

This is what Brother calls a Mini Cooper.

He LOVES his cousin Cathy (Marc's cousin, actually).

He loves to hang around her as much as possible when she comes to visit.

You know it says something about you as a person when Brother clings to you.

It means that you have a special spirit about you.

He doesn't just gravitate to anyone.

There are those that he loves over time.

And there are those he loves immediately.

Cathy has always been one of the immediate ones.

Brother, Cathy and her hubby, Jerry

Brother was so excited just to get a picture with the "tiny" cooper

Cathy and Grandma Lynne were reading a story. I had to post this pic because it is sans Brother.

It didn't take too long for him to join in to listen to Cathy read.
It is so sweet to see the love that people have for my children.

Sure there are those who don't understand them, or like them,
or are scared of them, or are disappointed in their behavior.

But, really, do I need to focus on all that when there are so
many people who want to be my children's friends?

As Brother would say with quite a bit of gusto,
"I think not!"

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