Saturday, June 25, 2011

So They Say...

I had a good laugh at Brother a couple weeks ago when we were going to an activity with other kids his age. He refused to come in to the building. He was nervous and didn't quite know what to expect. I asked him if he would rather have us go into the building before him and he could come in on his own terms. We stood in the foyer where we could see him and watched him standing next to the car wrestling with his fear of joining the activity. After 10 minutes I decided to go out and encourage him to come in.

This is what he told me:
"Satan is tempting me. He doesn't want me to go."

I try to repress a laugh and say, "He is not tempting you. Just come in."

"But, he is tempting me, because I am not going in," he responded.

I got a good laugh and he realized he had made a funny and he walked in with me smiling, hesitant, but smiling.

Yesterday he ran over something he shouldn't have with his toy four-wheeler and I got upset with him and grounded him from it today.

He told me, "Satan made me do it."

Ppppfffth! That's going to be his excuse for everything now... but it does make me chuckle.

At least I know he has a conscience.

Now, Sister is another one.

She has a very sensitive nose. She can smell anything. It's great for when Baby needs a diaper change. I don't have to do the hold-the-baby-butt-to-my-nose routine. Sister will always inform me, even if she is no where near Baby.

Well, my sweet friend and neighbor brought me some flowers and I placed them in a vase on the table.

I was so enjoying the smell. And the next morning it was so nice to wake up to sunshine and great smelling flowers.

Then Sister comes waltzing into the kitchen ready for breakfast and announces, "Ew, balloons! I hate the smell of balloons!"

She was referring to my lovely flowers... tee hee hee!! After that, I couldn't stop thinking of how the smell did remind me of balloons... they didn't last much longer in the house...

And Baby, she is really good at telling us "no." Only, "no" could mean "yes" so we really have to guess a bit, but, as funny as this may sound, it is good to hear "no."

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