Monday, June 6, 2011


Where we live there are so many different landscapes: to the east is desert and to the west is mountains, to the south is redrock and to the north are lakes and mountains. We have had a goal the last two years to really explore our state. This "spring" (I put Spring in quotes because I think we had more of a wimmer, winter straight to summer kind of thing) we decided to explore the desert areas. You, hopefully, already saw our first big desert trip, which actually included 2 deserts that day.

Well over the Memorial weekend we brought Kirsten, Jeremy and Melly with us and we deserted. Yup, that's what I said, "deserted." My knew term for exploring all things desert... anyway... it was amazing.

We went to this place they call "Little Moab" and watched dare devils in their four wheel drive rock crawling truck and jeeps climb rocks I would NEVER guess were climbable. Honestly, we were surrounded by rednecks... and it was AWESOME!!! Yee Haw!!! (Listen to Brother's commentary in this video clip... it will make you laugh.)

We got some great pictures and video of some of these crazy rednecks. My favorite part was when Brother yelled out to a driver we were watching crawl off a steep ledge, "Be careful!" Tee hee! He was so worried for their well-being and kept saying how scary it was to watch them, and it was. I don't know why a desert brings out the redneck in me, too, but it does... maybe it is all the engines revving, over-sized tires and egos, big hair, and 80's-style clothing but, man, it was fun!

We also went and picnicked and did a little climbing on Chimney Rock. Sister was the most adventurous and made it to the top. Brother was not too excited about looking from the top so he looked at the top from the bottom...

Here's some pictures! They are so awesome, by the way, check out the scenery behind us in some of these:

These 3 pictures of Melly just make me laugh. I was hoping she would smile but she wasn't happy that mom had to stop moving... ha ha

Jeremy at the top of Chimney Rock

Kirsten joined them

Sister had a blast getting to the top and definitely showed me she is not afraid of heights

Baby even came with us.  Brother decided to stay back with Kirsten and Jeremy and hold down the fort
 Make sure you do something fun and easy and inexpensive with your family this wimmer... these are my kids best memories... the ones we make all together.  Here's a cute little video about Family Time.

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Kirsten said...

Wahoo! Yeah that was way fun! Thanks for taking us on an adventure:)