Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not so deep, but definitely not shallow

I was going to post something deep and meaningful tonight.

Then Marc had me download pictures from his iPod.

So many things I had forgotten about in the mayhem of daily tasks.

How could I possibly forget the third successful camp-out with Brother and Marc?

This is his third time without me.

Just Dad.

This is his second camp-out with his scout troop.

I cannot express how exciting it is for our son to be doing these things. I wish I could express how huge this really is for Brother. A HUGE milestone.

He is being social, going out of his comfort zone, emulating his peers, learning scout stuff. I mean, this is like a dream come true... and I don't even like Scouts! But, I am very happy about the opportunities it has brought about for Brother... more importantly what it has done for father and son.

...and here's the big hug!

yes. he is using a pocket knife... yay

Is he really lining up to make sandwiches with his scout troop? Sweet! He didn't eat it, but, hey he made it... along with his friends! Wahoo!
Oh, and Brother was very excited to tell me that they were able to drive through a creek to get to their campsite (OK, so Marc actually told me, but I am sure Brother was excited that he did). I was a bit worried that it was deep, but Marc assured me it was shallow enough to drive through.

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Grams said...

Way to go brother! And especially to you Marc. What an amazing family!