Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fast Sunday

So I just have to start this post of with a little funny memory of home.

As I have mentioned before, we were very poor when I was growing up. We didn't have much but we sure got creative with what we had and had a lot of fun with it. But, my brother, Daniel, was probably the most creative... We had a long hallway upstairs that led to all the bedrooms and the bathroom.

Daniel came into the kitchen from the hallway and excitedly instructed my mom to, "come look at this!"

When she entered the long hallway she saw feminine napkins (pads) lining the wall in an array of patterns and angles. He then picked one out of the bag and proclaimed, "you just go like this (he peeled of the backing from the adhesive) and stick 'em!" Funniest part was, he had NO idea what they really were, he thought they were really cool stickers, and then to see my mom's blushing face as she started peeling them off the wall...

Bwa ha ha ha!!!! Sorry, Daniel, but it is pretty darn funny!

Anyway, the reason I thought about this was because last Sunday we had a Family Home Evening for the entire family (minus Daniel and Tynelle as they are far, far away). It was all Aaron's idea and it was fantastic. We reminisced, cried, laughed, shared and had a great time even among the restless kids. I recorded the entire 45 minutes of this and wanted to show you it all in FAST forward... therefore the "Fast Sunday" title.

Things to watch for:
--My nephew, MrT, who really hams it up in the camera
--Notice the kids going from fairly descent to completely restless, I love when LittleB and Brother go flopping over the couch
--Rocking Melly (it's funny when it's fast)

Oh, and I tap my foot a lot towards the end, that looks funny.

I don't know maybe it's just funny to me, but anything made faster is entertaining... I mean, check out Alvin and the Chipmunks... (smile)

This is, almost, my entire family at my house for a Family Home Evening where we talked about memories, events, recipes, family history, safety, food storage and everything in between. There are 8 grandkids here, 4 siblings, 4 in-laws, and our parents. It was 45 minutes and I fast forwarded it to be 5 minutes and added some fun music. (smile)

3 remarks:

Kirsten said...

Ha ha nice! You can see how at first everyone is content and by the end it gets pretty crazy. I think I had some pretty good dance moves there at the end! Funny stuff

Joel and Jessie said...

That is pertty cool, I am glad me and Marc were so calm and never moved during the entire thing :)

The Chizel Family said...

wait, you are left handed? How did I miss that?