Friday, October 1, 2010

More fun with the Floridians

I went and picked up Daniel and his fam at Tynelle's parents and piled them all in the Suburban to go to Mom's house. We had a great time hanging out and eating Grandma's yummy food. Popo loved grandma Judy's helicopter and played with it the whole time we were there.

Berry found this fun guitar...

The next day I piled them all in the suburban again and we went to Aaron and Chelsea's for lunch, fun and singing. (Popo and Berry are singing together in the golden microphone while Aaron plays the piano. They were so funny.

Then later, that same night, we all gathered at my house for Daniel's famous Thai food! Mmm mmm! I didn't get any pictures of me and Daniel cooking together but hey, I got the rad game of Upwords that Aaron, Chelsea, Brother and I played after most everyone left while Mom and Marc cleaned up the mess and Dad read to Sister... mmmm... good times!

Here is a video of my two brothers singing together... priceless... especially since Daniel rarely sings for us...

I was so intrigued so hear how much my brother's voices are alike. Aaron is always the one to sing and Daniel usually is just quiet in the background. He's still pretty quiet here but if you turn it up you can hear them together. I think my favorite part is Daniel trying to hide his smile when I say how good they sound together.

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Aaron said...

Thanks for posting. Fun stuff:)