Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Punkins, Carrots and Tizer

Who didn't call them "punkins" as a kid? I don't think I realized it was said "pumpkin" until I was in first grade!

We did not have a very good garden this year. Not because of the weather but, because of me. I didn't really take care of it... weeds took care of it. So, along with our incredible crop of cheat grass, we got sparce peppers, few tomatoes, hundreds of carrots and plump punkins!

For family night we decided it would be fun to pick out the kids pumpkins from our own garden. We had the pumpkin plants given to us by a friend and I didn't have much hope for them (the pumpkin plants, my friends are fine).

Well, here are our sweet pumpkins for our sweeter punkins...

Then while I was out there I figured I might as well pull up the remaining carrots from the garden. Marc took some pictures of the event. I had to put in the one of me pretending to bite the muddy carrot because it looks so realistic.... sheesh! I look like I have FXS, where am I looking? not the camera... I must have been worried about one of the kids doing something or other because my smile/chomp even looks a little tense like I am thinking "Hurry up and take the picture so I can yell at Sister to stop it..." Whatever, it's funny, so I'm posting it. Oh, and check out the neighbor's horse eyeing my carrot. "Feed me." (Say it with a funny neighing-type waver and it is funnier—promise.)

Now my favorite part of the post, the tizer.

Sister L.O.V.E.S. hand sanitizer. I buy it at the dollar store because it comes in vanilla or strawberry scents... mmmm... much better than hospital alcohol smell. Anyway, she loves to put it on her hands, again, a sensory thing.

She loves to get her own little thing of what she says is "my tizer" and use it constantly. Well, this night I walked into her room and she had lined up chairs and a stroller from her room and had her stuffed animals all sitting on them. She was lecturing them and telling them stories as I walked past the first time. Then it was quiet for a really long time and you all know that silence and Sister alone are not a good combo so I go to check up on her. Apparently it is lunch time for the toy classroom and she is sanitizing all their "hands." She would go in a line and put it on while she talked to them about having clean hands and then she would rub their paws together for them and then get out the wipies to wash off the dirt... so cute. I took pictures with both my phone and my camera.

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