Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grandma Lynne's Impromptu Birthday Party

Lynne didn't really want to celebrate her birthday this year... what? Of course, we know, that I couldn't let that happen...

So we had an impromptu party when it worked out for my mom and dad and Marc's mom and dad to come over for dinner on the same night, which happened to be the night right before Lynne's birthday. Once everyone gathered I announced that this was Lynne's birthday party and she smiled shyly. It was so cute. We had homemade stew and breadsticks. Then we had dutch oven peach cobbler. My mom had to have ice cream with hers and I had none but, Lynne had some at home. So, my mom and Marc's mom went together in the car to go a block away to get he ice cream. My mom sang "Happy Birthday" to Lynne the whole way there... tee hee! This is them when they got back with the ice cream:
No, Lynne is not that short, she was on the step below.... she is actually taller than my mom, I think.

Here she is just before blowing out her candles.

It was so cute because while the grandmas were gone getting icecream, Sister asked Grandpa Gary, "How old's grandma gonna be? 7?" (smile)

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Rochelle said...

I love your moms vests for every occasion!!! She is so cute!